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  1. otherworldly roses

    otherworldly roses

    Very interested in being a tiny gold ant spilling in and over these monstrously lush petals, bathing in their rosewater - you too? oh good, let's.

    xo Leigh

    roses by Nick Knight

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  2. WHAT-eau? Watteau!

    WHAT-eau? Watteau!
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  3. Catbird Spotlight: Saskia

    Catbird Spotlight: Saskia

    Saskia has been a member of Catbird's concierge team for nearly 4 years. Maybe you have spoken to her on the phone or emailed with her before!  She's never without a big smile and has the most contagious laugh.


    Hometown: New York City

    Can you tell us a bit about what you do? I specialize in our Wedding and Engagement collection :) I help people navigate the sometimes tricky task of finding that perfect engagement ring for their loved one or that perfect wedding band (or wedding stack!) to pair with their own ring. The funnest part of my job is taking photos of different ring pairings for people!

    How many rings do you wear daily? Usually something around 15.

    Jewels that are on your wishlist? O man, all of the rings! The Snow Queen Ring (I've been dreaming of this one for years!), the Aika Ring, the Marrakech Band and the Nora Ring are a few that are on my wish list

    Favorite thing about New York? The diversity of cultures and personalities, and the food :)

    Favorite Brooklyn spot? Prospect Park, especially the lake! It's so amazing to be able to escape into nature every once in a while. 


    Favorite ritual? I recently discovered how insanely amazing facial massages are! A quick 5 minute massage in the morning really wakes me up and also really helps with my sinuses when my allergies are bothering me :) I also apparently hold a ton of tension in my jaw and neck so a little massage every morning feels so amazing!

    Drink of choice? Bubble tea, this tea cocktail from a bar that closed down but I have the recipe :), or a Mezcal Old Fashioned

  4. A weekend, an always of La Dolce Vita

    cannoli 2cannoli 2
    cannoli 3cannoli 3
    cannoli 1cannoli 1

    This weekend we're eating mini cannolis and walking around the neighborhood, buoyed by a very close read of The Remnants of La Dolce Vita in Brooklyn’s Italian Williamsburg. Pictured above, local cannolis eaten in the very intensive R&D for our own Holy Cannoli

    xo Leigh


    Catbird BlogCatbird Blog

    A quiet morning with Rawan & Bella in Rawan's floral studio, just down the street from our HQ. We've been friends with Rawan for years, she's done flowers at many of our events, and we were so happy to meet baby Bella (who LOVES the camera)!

    Catbird BlogCatbird Blog
    Catbird BlogCatbird Blog
    Catbird BlogCatbird Blog
    Catbird BlogCatbird Blog
    Catbird BlogCatbird Blog
    Catbird BlogCatbird Blog
  6. The Dalai Lama on a treadmill/our weekend (and on an on) mission.

  7. Mother's Day : Rony's Favorites!

    Mother's Day : Rony's Favorites!
    Catbird’s founder loves easy, wear-forever gold, bien sûr! Shop her picks below.
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  8. Photo Journal: Kaitlin + Chief

    Catbird Blog

    An afternoon at home with Kaitlin & Chief. A mix of quiet moments with wild spurts of energy - a pup's life indeed!

    Catbird Blog
    Catbird Blog
    Catbird Blog
    Catbird Blog
    Catbird Blog

    Thank you so much for having us! For more Chief content follow @kaitslow.

  9. Catbird Spotlight: Natalia


    Catbird Spotlight: Natalia

    Natalia has been a member of our Jewelry Studio for almost 6 years!! She started as a bench jeweler making our Catbird Classics, and now she is in charge of training all jewelers on how to create our current styles and new releases. Never without a smile, Natalia is always the first one in the studio every morning - we love having her in our family of #catbirdjewelers .

    Hometown: Cd. Juarez, Chihuahua. Mexico

    Fun Fact: I’m ambidextrous. 

    Describe your style in 3 words: Passionate, stubborn, & ambitious.

    Who are your Moon & Stars (A, E & T)? My moon is Angel, my husband. We’ve been happily married for almost 7 years. My stars are my two kids, Enzo is 3 years old and Thiago just turned 1. 


    How did you get into jewelry?  I went to the University of Texas at El Paso to get a degree in art but when I took a Metalsmithing course to fulfill my class schedule, I fell in love with it. I find jewelry fascinating and I see all jewelry as walking sculptures that are exposed everywhere by anyone. 

    Favorite weekend activity? It used to be watching movies but now that I have kids, I enjoy a lot more going to the park, or the zoo when the weather is nice and museums during the winter.

    Jewels that are on your wishlist? A new ring that we are about to launch but i can’t disclose it yet. Stay tuned, it will be released soon. I also love all the new charms: spider, shells... I want all of them!!!

  10. This weekend we're...


    Calder on exhibit at Wave Hill in the 70s

    going to Wave Hill to see the flowers in early blossom (magnolias! spring snowflakes!) and then driving to Arthur Avenue for Italian sandwiches, arancini, and affogato. Bedside table heaving with new books to thumb through including but not limited to As They Were by M.F.K. Fisher, After Many a Summer Dies the Swan by Aldous Huxley, and Alexander Lieberman's The Artist in His Studio (a title that would not fly today).

    And what are your plans, dear swans and kittens?

    xo Leigh


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