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  1. Beauty Spotlight: The Best Kind Q+A

    We are so happy to introduce The Best Kind - a skincare line developed by John-Charles Baucom! John-Charles created The Best Kind with the mission of making luxury, quality self care products accessible. (And fun fact! He got his wife's wedding ring from our Wedding Annex!) See our full Q&A with John-Charles below, and shop The Best Kind’s body, hair, face, and lip butters right here!

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  2. Hi! It's us!

    While our stores remain closed, Steph and Jess have been pinch hitting across departments - answering DMs, filling orders, being their amazing selves. Here they are, with all the joie de vivre they bring to our little shops! 

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  3. A Quick Drawing Session with Regina Yazdi (The Artist Behind Our Swans!)

    Our dear friend and artist, Regina Yazdi who created our iconic swans (you'll find them everywhere - on our tote bags, on our postcards, on our tissue paper, we love them so!) was kind enough to film a quick swan tutorial for all of us! Join us in drawing along - and send us your swans (DM us, email us, text us!) we'd love to see your work :)

  4. Leigh's Reading List

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  5. Catbird Classics Spotlight - Threadbare


    Our Threadbare Ring is deceptively simple. We have honed and perfected them over years and years! We are especially proud of the $44 price tag, which is especially significant as they are made with solid gold... 14k yellow & rose gold, to be exact.


    Threadbares are made one-by-one by #catbirdjewelers in our Brooklyn jewelry studio. We actually filmed the entire process for you - check it out here! And find out more about our Brooklyn studio here.

    Fun fact!!  In 2014, Meghan interviewed us for a story called "The Art of Stacking" on her now retired lifestyle blog The Tig !! And we've been spotting Threadbares on her hands ever since.

    Now -- let's take a look at how we are stacking them!

    Hannah ( @freshpesche ) wears a single Threadbare on her finger.

    Lindsay ( @lindsay_may ) wears Threadbares paired with other stacking rings. On her thumb she pairs a Threadbare with a Twisted Stacker Ring, and with a Famous Letter Ring on her ring finger.

    Stephanie ( @stephvlzqz ) wears a Threadbare sandwich! Two yellow gold Threadbares with a Classic Hammered Ring in the center.

    Zoe ( @zoerisherphotography ) wears a big stack of Threadbares - five, to be exact- on her ring finger! Topped off with a Dewdrop Ring.

  6. Designer Q & A : Anthony Lent

    Anthony Lent is a master jeweler with 50 years of experience at the jeweler’s bench. From studying the grand traditions of goldsmithing in Europe, to serving as head of the jewelry department at FIT (where he taught many of our own in-house jewelers), Tony’s surreal, figural work brings a sense of play and humor to our Catbird world. Get a closer look at his designs by visiting our Wedding Annex or Bedford Ave locations! Not in New York? Our concierge team is happy to help with extra photos galore!


    What does jewelry mean to you?


    Simply put, jewelry is my blank page to play, spin, and weave visions and tales.


    Where do you look for inspiration for your designs?


    Inspiration can be found everywhere! Everywhere from the history of art to the squirrels on the trees outside of my window, Today the vein structure of some dried leaves on my table is driving me to make some gold critters on a leaf.




    Who is the Man in the Moon?


    Science has answered that as best they can for now. For me he is the doorway to dreams and fantasy of another time and place. I like to refer to my particular iteration as The Moon of The Collective Unconscious because although he is an original sculpture, the face is something we have all seen before and just seems to fit.


    What originally sparked your interest in goldsmithing?


    I was a sculpture student at Philadelphia College of Art when I discovered the drawings and designs of Albrecht Duerer. The other renaissance jewelers and their metal work attracted me to the world of classical goldsmithing.


    What was your favorite thing about teaching?


    Retirement! I do miss the interactions with students. The legacy of my many years of teaching and seeing so many former students having success in the jewelry industry make me feel good.


    What is the symbolism of the hands in your jewelry? And are they modeling after something? Or someone?


    Hands are one of the  instruments that define us as human. The neolithic cave paintings in France have images of and using hands, the art of almost every culture has drawn painted, and sculpted hands in every form. My hands are sculpted from various models. One of the more interesting pieces is we have copied a little girls hands in an old analogue process, and reduced them for a tiny hands earring design.


    The hands in your work are often wearing jewelry -- do you wear jewelry?

    No I do not.



    The texture of the scales of the Gold Ouroboros Snake Ring is incredibly detailed! How did you create this when you were modeling the ring?


    The scales on my serpents and snakes are an act of insane demand for surface detail, and frankly a compulsion; I can not stop carving them once I start! I say I will not do that again but I fall into the abyss of carving scales under a microscope far too often. The detail is achieved by not just carving into the wax but actually making process molds where I can refine a silver model and engrave the sharper details with much more precision. The unique look on my snakes is a result of that process.




    What is one of your favorite pieces to make?


    One of my all time favorite pieces is the One Hand Band. I love this piece because it is so hard to use a hands motif in jewelry that has not been seen before. I feel that this is one of the most unique uses of that motif.

    What do you hope customers feel when they look at and wear your pieces?


    I hope they smile and say hello to a long relationship with the pieces and become life long collectors. I hope they see my jewelry as not just an accessory but also a work of art worthy of becoming an heirloom.



  7. Photo Journal: Brian

  8. Rony Q&A Vol. 2

    Do you have a particular love of delicate jewelry yourself?

    I do! I always have. I like to not be fussy so small, easy pieces are, well, easy. I like to leave my jewelry on all the time. #lazystyle 

    What advice would you give to a young entrepreneur who wants to start a jewelry company?

    1. Start small! Go big only when it counts. 
    2. Find your voice. 
    3. Trust you gut, but ask tons of questions from every kind of person you have access to - and listen with an open heart and mind. 
    4. Listen to every episode of “How I Built This.” 

    Oldest Catbird piece that’s still around today? 

    Our Classic Hammered Rings (in silver and gold). 

    What’s your favorite dinner order?

    Greek salad with anchovies and coffee, milk no sugar.

    Sweet nothing bracelets on both wrists… any thoughts?

    Yes, I love symmetry :) Also a big fan of layering bracelets - Forever & clasped!

    Where did you get funding to start Catbird? 

    I was - and am still - self funded. When I started in 2004, I used the 16k I had in savings which covered my security deposit and some rent, some merch, and the build-out that we did ourselves with floor panels from Costco. I was scrappy! (See photo!)  At the time 0% credit cards were a thing, so I used those instead of bank loans. It was a different time! 

    What's something you had to learn the hard way?

    Allowing my fear of confrontation to guide me… When someone is a bad fit, passively waiting for it to get better is a bad idea. Letting it go on too long is damaging to your business and your people.

    How did you know it was time to expand?

    Great question. At critical junctures when you are experiencing different kinds of growing pains - that’s when it is clear that it’s time to make changes. When you need more space, or new software, or a big new hire… maybe things you can’t quite afford yet or don’t feel ready for - those changes are usually instigated by some sort of pain! You’re losing people, you’re working too hard, customers are mad, there are too many mistakes, etc - time to look inward and explore if there is a better way to do things. There was a period of time where space was a HUGE issue for us, so we made our plan to move our HQ to the Brooklyn Navy Yard where we moved in the Spring of 2018 - and we are still growing! We do tours, actually -- come visit us!  

    Is it ok to get jewelry wet? 

    I leave all my jewelry on, all the time. But traditionally one should be gentle with pearls and very gentle with opals. We actually have a full jewelry care guide, which you can find here

    What’s your fave piece?

    Here are some of my favorite pieces that I also wear daily: Diamond Pinprick Necklace, Greco Lariat Necklace, Elisa Solomon Viola Ring, Old World Classic Wedding Band, Welded Sweet Nothing bracelet, a threadbare. 

    What is your favorite candy?

    Ooh what a question! I love caramel and I love coconut. My head is spinning because I don’t know!! Can ice cream be my favorite candy?


    Is deciding what to stock a gut feeling or more technical process of what might sell?

    Both Leigh and I do tons by instinct but we also rely on data and information to backup decisions. If we love something and the data goes against us, we will do it anyway. 

    Here is a great quote from the brilliant Mickey Drexler, “Instincts are knowledge, history, looking around and seeing what’s going on.” (From his podcast with David Chang.)

    Favorite Williamsburg drink or lunch spots? 

    We have a whole sheet that we edit fairly regularly about this very subject!

    Such a small thing, but the logo is dynamite…

    Thank you! Not a small thing at all! I love it too. It was drawn by a wonderful human who is an incredible artist - she was a sales associate for years!! 

    How do you manage to continue when you struggle?

    Hmm. There are many ways to answer this question. If I am struggling personally, then work is really a respite - where I can solve problems and be busy and it feels good. If I am struggling AT work, that is much harder but there really is no choice but to power through. I am responsible for people’s livelihoods and my troubles just have to be worked out for the greater good. Too bad, me! At those times especially I am so grateful to have such an incredible staff.

    The dainty style Catbird brings is amazing, do you plan keep the style the same?

    YES!! Always. 

    How’d you START? Like what were your literal first steps?

    Here is a really great article from Rookie where I talk all about this!  

    What’s the proudest accomplishment in what you’ve done?

    Building a company where people stay, for a long time, is the most gratifying thing. Everything else that I am proud of stems from that!

  9. Smitten, Bitten

    Oh, oh here I go off into Mulleavy wonderland, down that Rodarte rabbit hole! They are back in New York and I can feel their sister presence! Last time they showed here, I was home with my newborn and their women were draped in baby's breath, and I felt like I had a telephone line straight from here to there. The time before that, I read the ticket to the show wrong and spent a morning in the West Village instead, which was a mistake that I recovered from with coffee and pastries.

  10. Photo Journal: Jules

    Recently, we visited our friend Jules (and Winnie - her dog!) in her beautiful new dance studio, Good Move, just a short walk away from our Bedford Ave. store! We dressed Jules up in #catbirdstacks and she showed us some of her moves - shimmering, glimmering, shining! 


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    Mermaid's Treasure Charm
    Baby Cygnet Ring
    Dollhouse Locket

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