Lunch Lady: Good Gravy!

Lunch Lady: Good Gravy!

The other week we all got an email from Allison about updating our Meet The Staff section of the blog. It asked for your favorite band, what ring you would trade your sister for,  books you're reading, etcetera, etcetera and then the only one I could answer in a heartbeat- favorite place to eat in Williamsburg. Naturally the list was pages long in the start but the landmark holding first place was and is Bamonte's. So, I passed my homework forward and to my surprise almost no one knew what I was talking about!!! Then I realized that since there are so many taco trucks and sandwich shops in the neighborhood it can be all too easy for everyone to overlook some of the most amazing places I've ever been to in my entire life. Places that have been open for over one hundred years and have managed to remain a neighborhood staple... This place is one of them.

Bamonte's opened it's doors in the early 1900's and is still owned by the same family- The Bamonte's. Or more specifically Anthony Bamonte and his 3 beautiful daughters that was even better than my grandmother's.

I went with my friend Meaghan who ordered the Baked Ziti and we split a Stuffed Artichoke. Strangely enough everything I ate was the best thing I've ever eaten. Maybe it's because I miss my dad (even though he lives right on South 1st) or maybe it's because you just walk into the place and can tell everyone knows exactly what they're doing. Either way I love it here and recommend that everyone goes at least once. If not for the food (which would just be stupid) then just to get a glimpse of the roots under the Williamsburg, Brooklyn that we know today.

But I mean, really you should go for the food. Next time I'm getting meatballs.

See you next week