Lunch Lady: BUSY BIRD!

Lunch Lady: BUSY BIRD!
It's absolutely gorgeous outside and I've already had a handful of people ask me what I have planned for today (initially I thought about asking Ryan Gosling to make me a peanut butter sundae and answer all of my emails) BUUUUUUT sometimes a Bird's just gotta eat at her desk. And since my to-do list was/is longer than my arm- today was definitely one of those days.

So I turned to an old CB favorite and called up the babes over at M Shanghai for some Cucumber Salad (basically just a bunch of chopped up pickles floating in some kind of magical garlic vinegar something), Spicy Wontons that come in an amazing peanut sauce & Sesame Oil and Scallion Noodles. You could say that my lunch was pretty much a no-brainer since I've had it 3,000,000 times but having one less thing to think about was exactly what I needed today!

Last summer all Allison (our resident Graphic Design Sandpiper) would order was the Wonton Soup and to this day M Shanghai remains our #1 go-to lunch spot. 
I would recommend you go there, close your eyes, point at the menu and feel at ease knowing that EVERYTHING is awesome.
Oh and they have a Vegan menu too ;-)