How We Wear It: Ash

How We Wear It: Ash
With too many positive things to say on the subject, I tried to keep it brief to avoid a novel! Ash and I became birds the same week last May and pretty much since day one I've had a lil' lady bird crush on her! How could you not?! She makes a mean playlist, a delicious peanut butter, pickle and hot sauce sandwich, rocks the best hand-me-downs from her mama, knows all the best places to eat in the hood, has hair to die for, can make anything more adorable with the cutest handmade signs, she owns her own tattoo machine annnnd! she knows just the right way to build a ring stack!!

Everyday Ash wears her stacks across her K I N S finger tattoos, the cutest nickname between her and her sister, and knuckle rings all the way across.

Each finger rings listed from top to bottom.
Pinky Finger: Catbird Heart Ring, Yellow Gold + matte, $92; Gifted J. Lingnau ring; Catbird First Knuckle Ring prototype in 22k yellow gold; Catbird First Knuckle Ring, $64.

Ring Finger: Vintage Ring; Catbird First Knuckle Ring, $64.

Middle Finger: Catbird Tiny Chain Ring, $64; One of a kind tear drop tiger's eye. Catbird Teardrop Ring available in Coral, Opal and Topaz, $188; Catbird Heart Ring, Rose Gold, $92; Jezebel. Evil Eye Ring, $288; Yayoi Forest Crossing Ring, $326.

Index Finger: Threadbare, $44; Gifted Bittersweets birdette a ring.

xx coco.