How We Wear It: Steph G!

How We Wear It: Steph G!

There are a couple things that make me instantly like you - you have sparkly fingernails, you're a Detroit native, you can play an instrument just to name a few. Well, let me tell you Steph G not only has sparkly finger nails but she's got fancy ring stacks to match, she wears her Detroit gear very proudly AND she's in an all lady band!!!

Steph is the beautiful badass bass player you'll find on stage with the babe filled band, Desert Sharks (listen to them here).  She has to wear pieces that won't get in the way of her instrument but clearly that doesn't keep her away from shapes of all sizes - from triangles, to moons, to skulls, she wears each shape with such ease.

Left hand Index finger: Turquoise Baguette, $220. Center Finger: First Knuckle Ring in Yellow Gold, $64. Ring finger: Odette's Klaia Triangle Ring, $110, First Knuckle Ring in Yellow Gold on top, $64. Pinky Ring: Posey Skull Ring, available in store.

Right hand Pinky finger: First Knuckle Ring in Sterling Silver, $28. Ring finger: Braided Band in Sterling Silver, $33, stacked with a Dark Side of The Moon Ring, $122,  First Knuckle Ring in Rose Gold, $64. Center finger: The chain of her Finger Bracelet, $42,  loops around her finger. Index Finger: First Knuckle Ring in sterling silver, $38 in sizes above 5.

xx coco