Lunch Lady: Egg on your plate

Lunch Lady: Egg on your plate

So I caved and went to Egg. Everyone I work with is always telling me how fantastic this place is but I've been staying away because... well I really just don't like eggs that much. They're very weird. And pretty much the only thing besides cupcakes (don't even ask me why) that I never seem to make properly. Anyway I went and it was actually a really great idea because their food is amazing. I hear their coffee is too but I already had two cups this morning and I wasn't going to push my luck.

I ordered the Duck Hash with hard boiled eggs and LOOK at the cute tiny cups they came in. I had a friend in college whose grandmother gave her a really fancy set of these for her new apartment and like any responsible 18 year olds we just used them to take shots of Rumplemintz or something equally embarrassing. Anyway the cups are really cute but kind of useless actually. I still burned my fingers peeling the eggs :-( The Duck Hash was soooo good though. And Lizzie basically made me promise to have the Candied Bacon which was also a veryvery good idea. Cheese Grits- awesome. Biscuit- amazing. Fig Jam- my favorite favorite favorite part. It's really hard for me to find jams that I like because I'm not that into sweet fruit but it turns out Fig is the way to go.

ALSO they give you Crayola Crayons to use on your tablepaper. I don't like other crayon brands usually because they are too waxy. And I remember even when I was little I thought it was really something special that Crayola goes the extra mile to make the paper almost the exact same color as the crayon itself. So, it was nice of Egg to shell out some dough for the good stuff. They probably knew it would make my day.

THEREFORE! hooray for breakfast. And things that remind me of a time where I didn't have to pay rent or tie my own little shoes.

Today is a good one :-)