Lunch Lady: The Rockaways

Lunch Lady: The Rockaways

So to all of you in NY and elsewhere who got into it with Sandy this week, we wish you well and hope that you are getting all of the help that you need. And for those of you, like myself who went by pretty unscathed except for the massive amounts of empty calories you probably consumed out of boredom- I hope that you have the time and means to help your less fortunate neighbors.

The Rockaways got hit pretty hard this week and they need all of the help they can get. So, this time instead of spending my boss' dough chowing down on french fries I took my business to the supermarket to snatch up as many non-perishables and canned goods my shoulders could carry. I also wrestled up a fellow Catbirdette, Steph who was really handy when it came to keeping vegetarians in mind because pretty much everything I picked up whether it was soup or pasta sauce had something like "Now with 20% more meat!" slapped on the label.

Seriously weighed down by two Ikea bags and backpacks full of food we headed to The Brooklyn Kitchen at 100 Frost St. where they are currently accepting donations of clothing, cleaning supplies, canned goods, paper plates, cups, gasoline, water etc. and they could really use your help. If not with supplies then possibly with sorting. There's a ton of stuff in that back room that needs to be properly allocated. And being that there were over 100 homes in Breezy Point ruined from the storm I'd say anything you can give would be amazing. 

There was even a lovely couple ahead of us who brought an impressive amount of alcohol, although I'm really not sure the fine people at The Meat Hook and Brooklyn Kitchen condone that. You'd have to ask them ;-)

Thanks to Rony for the funds and support, Steph for her freakishly strong shoulders, and The Brooklyn Kitchen for spearheading an awesome way to give back. I for one definitely squander enough man-hours boozing and gallivanting so it was nice to use a little of that time to actually help someone in need.