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  1. What is the difference between Solid Gold & Plated?

    Since Day 1 we have been committed to working in 14k solid gold, never plated. Here we’ll highlight a few of the key differences between our solid gold jewelry and plated options offered elsewhere. 

    Plated gold is a less expensive option, featuring a thin layer of gold over a base metal. Over a short period of time, you can expect plated jewelry to wear off or tarnish, and it’s unfortunately not waterproof. In contrast, solid gold is a timeless investment crafted from the precious metal. More importantly, solid gold rings, gold necklaces, gold earrings and gold bracelets are made to last and live within our circular economy while plated jewelry is often made with chemicals and can be disposed of once it tarnishes.

    Advantages and Disadvantages of Gold Plating: 


    ●  Budget-friendly option. 
    ●  Often offers more trend based designs 
    ●  Lightweight 

    ●  Prone to tarnishing over a short time. 
    ●  Limited durability. 
    ●  May cause skin reactions for some individuals 

    Advantages and Disadvantages of Solid Gold Jewelry: 

    ● Timeless and enduring. 
    ● High durability and resistance to tarnish. 
    ● Valuable long-term investment. 
    ● Sustainably sourced at Catbird, with over 95% of gold certified recycled 

    ● Higher upfront cost than plated 
    ● May be heavier than plated alternatives. 

    Difference Between Gold Filled & Solid Gold: 

    Gold-filled pieces consist of a thick layer of gold bonded to a base metal, offering a balance between quality and affordability. In contrast, solid gold represents an investment crafted entirely from the precious metal. Consider your preferences for longevity, budget, and design when navigating between these two options. 

    Solid vs Plated Gold Jewelry - Which to Buy? 

    Navigating the choice between solid and plated gold jewelry is in the end a personal choice.. At Catbird, we aim to offer a price range that allows you to create your solid gold jewelry look with pieces starting at just $48.
    Solid gold, a timeless investment, embodies enduring beauty and holds intrinsic value. Its durability and resistance to tarnishing will always make it a symbol of lasting commitment. 

    Consider your budget, style preferences, and the significance you attribute to your jewelry when choosing between these two options.The choice ultimately is personal, each piece reflecting a unique chapter in your journey. 

    Catbird Solid Gold & Silver Jewelry

    Catbird's collection of Solid Gold & Silver Jewelry embodies impeccable craftsmanship and lasting quality. 

    Threadbare Ring

    A delicate essential, showcasing minimalist allure with a slender band, perfect for stacking or wearing alone. 

    Greco Lariat Necklace

    A solid gold stunner, elegantly drapes with Grecian-inspired form, making a statement.

    Tomboy Ring, silver

    In the realm of Solid Silver Jewelry, Catbird presents the Tomboy Ring in Silver, a bold and versatile piece that adds an edgy touch to your style. 

    Adjustable Sweet Nothing Chain, Silver

    A delicate yet impactful look, allowing you to personalize with its adjustable length and complimentary charms and lockets. Each piece, whether gold or silver, encapsulates Catbird's commitment to responsible materials and and individual expression. 

    In the quest to choose between solid and plated jewelry, Catbird ensures that each solid gold piece we make reflects ethical craftsmanship and enduring beauty. Whichever path you choose, our collection epitomizes the commitment to sustainability, allowing you to embrace your unique style with a clear conscience and at accessible prices. 

  2. What is Ethical & Recycled Gold Jewelry

    At Catbird, we believe in the beauty of responsible luxury, this is why we are proud to offer ethical gold jewelry & recycled gold jewelry such as our ethical engagement rings. Discover with Catbird the ins and outs of ethical and recycled gold jewelry.

    What is Ethical Gold Jewelry

    Ethical gold jewelry, sometimes referred to as responsibly sourced gold, is crafted using gold that has been mined with minimal environmental impact and under humane working conditions. The goal is to ensure that the entire process, from extraction to production, is in harmony with both nature and humanity. This often involves supporting artisanal miners, investing in community development, and avoiding the use of harmful chemicals in the extraction process.

    What is Recycled Gold Jewelry

    Recycled gold jewelry, on the other hand, takes a different approach to sustainability. Instead of sourcing new gold from mines, recycled gold is derived from previously used jewelry. This process helps reduce the demand for new mining, limiting the environmental footprint of gold extraction. By repurposing existing gold, recycled gold jewelry contributes to a circular economy, where resources are reused and waste is minimized.


    Ethical Gold vs Recycled Gold

    While ethical and recycled gold jewelry aim to address sustainability concerns, they differ in their approaches. 

    Ethical gold focuses on responsible mining practices, ensuring that new gold is sourced in an environmentally and socially responsible manner. 
    Recycled gold, on the other hand, tackles the issue by reusing existing resources, thereby minimizing the need for new mining altogether. 
    Both options offer environmentally conscious consumers the opportunity to make choices that align with their values.


    Top Jewelry Picks for Ethical Gold Jewelry by Catbird

    One O’Clock Tennis Bracelet

    Crafted with ethically sourced gold, exemplifies timeless elegance while positively impacting the communities involved in its production.

    Tomboy Ring, Yellow Gold

    A minimalist statement piece, reflects our commitment to responsible sourcing.

    Fairy Light Diamond Hoop 

    For those seeking a touch of sparkle, our Fairy Light Diamond Hoop, made with ethically sourced diamonds and gold. Adds a celestial charm to any ensemble

    Swan Lake Ring

    Another exquisite creation in our ethical gold collection - a testament to our dedication to sustainable luxury.

    Snow Queen Ring

    Adorned with responsibly mined diamonds, captures the essence of ethereal beauty.

    As ethical and recycled gold jewelry gain prominence, consumers have the power to make choices that extend beyond mere aesthetics. Catbird's commitment to responsible sourcing and sustainable practices shines through in our curated collection, proving that beauty and ethics can coexist seamlessly. By opting for ethical gold jewelry, recycled gold jewelry, or a harmonious blend of both, you contribute to a more sustainable and conscientious future—one adorned with timeless pieces that tell stories of responsibility, beauty, and compassion.

  3. From the Vault: Ghost Rose Thorn Charm

    Our Ghost Rose Thorn Charm is a reissue of an old favorite; I started working at Catbird (then a teeny tiny store, with a teeny tiny website!) in 2005. Rony had started making jewelry by then — necklaces like a tiny doll's crown set with a ruby, little gold and silver bells, a miniature seahorse cast from a baby, and a single perfect and slightly ominous rose thorn. 

    It's so special to bring back archival pieces to celebrate our 20th (!) birthday. I still feel like that girl who worked in a tiny shop alone on winter days and the rose thorn is like a Proustian madeleine teleporting me to another time. Time travel with me, kittens?

    xo Leigh

    Love a Rose, Love Its Thorns

  4. Wedding Band & Engagement Ring Pairings

    Fine craftsmanship, beauty, and magic above all else - at Catbird, we’re here to help you find the ring you’ll love now through forever. We feel truly honored to be a part of all types of relationships and love, from marriage to friendship to family. We offer inclusive sizing, no pressure consultations and a lifetime of concierge care of your ring.

    We often get questions on how to wear wedding bands with other luxury rings and so we have happily put together a little guide on how to wear wedding bands & engagement rings. Tumble into our world of starry stacks of diamond rings  & gold rings, and unlock the secrets to creating poetry on your fingers. 

    How to Wear a Wedding Band

    How to choose a wedding ring should always be your choice but we have a few tips to make yours shine. Place it on the ring finger of your left hand, closest to your heart. Ensure a comfortable fit, allowing for daily activities. The choice often depends on individual comfort, style, and the significance attached to each ring.

    How to Wear an Engagement Ring

    Wearing an engagement ring is a tactile reminder of love. At Catbird, we understand the importance of getting it just right. Slip your engagement ring onto the same finger as your wedding band – the left ring finger. These rings symbolize the unity of your commitment and the bond they share. Some opt to wear a wedding band and engagement ring together simultaneously for everyday elegance, while others may choose to reserve an engagement ring for special occasions. Our highly curated engagement ring collection - found only at Catbird - represents the best and brightest in the jewelry world. Your ring will be not only unique but of the highest quality and sustainability standards. 

    How to Match Your Wedding Ring with Other Rings

    Love your engagement ring on its own, and your wedding band, too. You might not always wear them together, so they should each stand separately. Whether it's adding stacking rings or mixing metals, at Catbird, our selection of wedding bands and engagement rings is designed to complement each other effortlessly. Experiment with textures, stones, and shapes to create a personalized stack that tells your story. 

    Tradition dictates that the wedding band ring is worn closest to the heart, followed by the engagement ring. An eternity ring, symbolizing everlasting love, can be worn between the two, with other rings added over time to celebrate milestones (anniversaries, children, triumphs).


    Shop Catbird Wedding & Engagement

  5. Neighborhood Walks

    Why not take your favorite friend for a meander around the neighborhood and find yourselves a corner to warm yourselves in together. 

    xo Leigh

    Strolling Jewelry

  6. How to Curate Your Ring Stack

    What is Ring Stacking

    What is a stacking ring, you ask? Well, we believe nearly any ring can be a stacking ring! Rings which are slender, with straight lines, are very easy to stack, one on top of the other, layered over time. And then there are open rings, signet rings, rings with curves and center stones, to help build a ring stack that is personal to you. 

    How to Stack Rings

    Whether you're inclined towards a bright and shining jumbled mix, or in favor of a more pared-back look, Catbird stacking rings are the building blocks for a put them on, never take them off collection of rings, to ebb and flow as it suits you over time. 

    Essential Stackable Rings

    From the poetic world of Catbird — designed in our Brooklyn studio and available only at Catbird. Sustainably made with over 95% recycled diamonds and recycled 14k gold. 

    How to Stack Gold & Silver Rings

    How to stack gold rings and how to stack silver rings? Mix and match to create your unique combination, whether you prefer a minimalist or bolder statement. Explore the stacked ring look with our silver and gold stacking rings collection.

    Tips for Styling Stackable Rings

    With personalized bands and a large assortment of beautiful designs and sizes, you can create a unique and meaningful stack that reflects your personal style. All Catbird rings are designed with our trademark attention to detail—the perfect addition to any ring stack.

    Different Ring Stack Designs

  7. What is a Lab Grown Diamond?

    We often are asked “what is a lab grown diamond?”, in addition to inquiries about our options in true sustainable diamonds. 

    When it comes to sourcing diamonds for our wedding & engagement and fine jewelry collections, we choose to go above standards set by the jewelry industry. Our long standing suppliers hold certification that assures the mines they work with adhere to internationally recognized standards for ethical, conflict-free diamond mining practices. 

    We are committed to providing every sustainable option available, allowing you to choose the ring and stone that speaks to you. In addition to our ethically mined natural diamonds, our engagement ring line is created with 95% recycled diamonds. Recycled, or reclaimed, diamonds are extracted from fine jewelry with a previous life, and placed back into the diamond supply chain. They carry no new environmental or labor impact, and are GIA certified to meet the same cut, clarity, and color grading standards set for our newly mined diamonds.

    Our lab grown diamonds are cultivated in controlled lab environments that mimic the process found in nature. The end result is a diamond that is both visually and molecularly the same as a natural diamond, with the same grading system that considers cut, color, clarity, and carat. We partner with labs certified in sustainable cultivation, using the lowest energy and emission footprint.

    Explore Our Lab Grown Diamond Collection

    The same brilliance found in every Catbird Diamond.

    Our lab grown diamonds are a mining free, sustainable option. Catbird natural diamonds and lab diamonds are optically and molecularly the same, and our lab diamonds provide an excellent value for the highest quality clarity and color. Our newest lab grown milestone and engagement rings start at $1,900 and come with their own IGI or GCAL certification. 

    If you’d like to make an appointment for a complimentary (and pressure free) meeting with a Catbird ring expert, we offer both in-person and virtual appointments every week. You can book a solo spot, or bring a significant other or loved one with you. Find out more and reserve your spot

  8. Photo Journal: Katie Merchant

    Holiday postcards from our sweet friend Katie.

    Katie's Wishlist

  9. How to Curate Your Earring Stack

    How to Stack Earrings

    The art of the ear stack is a personal pursuit — what best suits one’s style, aesthetic, piercings, and ear shapes. At Catbird, our preference is for the shining and the starry. We specialize in studs of shimmering opals, recycled diamonds to wear fairy style, luminous pearls and gold hoops in all shapes and sizes. From dainty black diamond stud earrings and mini hoops and huggies to sparkling drop earrings, find the perfect pieces to add to your collection. 

    How to Stack Gold & Silver Earrings

    A gold earring stack and a silver earring stack are built on the same foundations: a pleasing mix of studs, hoops, and drops. A potpourri of shapes makes it extra exciting — and very Catbird.

    How to Stack Hoop & Huggie Earrings

    The Catbird Hoop Shop is full of gold hoops and gold huggies in a range of sizes, some with diamonds, some with texture. Try playing with scale! A gradient hoop stack is a forever favorite.

    Different Stack Earrings Styles

  10. Delicate Underpinnings

    At home two weeks ago — heaped with bodega flowers for a photoshoot, mineral water, coffee, pastries on the table to eat as we did our jobs together. The part about sweets that I care for far more than the sweets themselves is the poring over them, the nibbling, the crumbs, the cutting and moving from one small plate to the next, the sharing. 

    xo Leigh

    Sweets Shop

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