I chain-smoke books. From time to time, though, I hit a rut and nothing sticks. When this happens I like to turn to what Rony calls "literary potato chips." My current bag of literary potato chips is Tina Brown's Vanity Fair Diaries. - the introduction is a slog but then it's one folded chip after the other (my favorite kind).

    xo Leigh 

  2. Eye See You

    Eye See You

    <p>I'm so pleased to have covetable, collectible stationery by Minnie Olga aka Lauren McIntosh on the shelves of our tiny shop. Her own store, Tail of the Yak, is legendary and does not have a website, so one must imagine the wonders all the more! One day I will visit. <a href="">Until then</a>... xo Leigh</p>

  3. Catbird Wedding Annex visits LA

    Catbird Wedding Annex visits LA

    Los Angeles!! We are coming for you this weekend - and we are bringing our finest of fine pieces with us. Our Wedding Annex is opening up shop at Palihouse West Hollywood for a long weekend. We are mostly booked up (just a few appointments left on Friday 9/28 & Monday 10/1), so be sure to snap up one of our remaining appointments via this link.  Here is a quick list of all of the pieces we are bringing with us! Outside of wedding and engagement jewelry we are also bringing a nice edit of Day Of pieces. 

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  4. NYFW as seen from my couch

    NYFW as seen from my couch

    The most fashion-y thing I did this fashion week was wear my new Italian nightgown to visit my best friend's new baby boy in the hospital that both she and me and my daughter were born in. I'm also enjoying my usual internet prowl around the shows I like to look at (Rodarte, Marc Jacobs, Simone Rocha, Miu Miu, Prada, Cecilie Bahnsen, No 21, Rochas, The Row, Valentino) to search for some styling inspirations, ie how to wear my socks and old party dresses, t-shirts I've inherited from my husband (and my new favorite from Rony), and sweatpants come winter. And then of course there is the glory of the colors - I like it like candy, sorbet, pastels, but with a streak of weird and mainly black and white (best treated themselves as colors). Currently, I aspire to the perfect plastic tote (see attached Simone Rocha for Moncler reference) to house my brown-orange-seafoam plaid Prada pouch, and my daughter's bottle.

    xo Leigh

  5. A thing I love: literary newsletters

    A thing I love: literary newsletters

    I manage to keep up to date with all the latest happenings about 50+ year old literary scandals and the gossip of said demi monde with a retinue of literary newsletters, including but not currently limited to: Lit Hub (oh how I covet their unpurchasable Joan Didion tote!), The Paris ReviewTLS, and NYRB (though i was very mad at them for publishing the article revealing the identity of Elena Ferrante!). 

    xo Leigh

  6. Dress to impress a donkey and a fairy queen.

    Dress to impress a donkey and a fairy queen.

    Current mania for dresses paired with sneakers as evidenced by: myself, my small daughter, and I believe Titania pictured here, were she to hike up her party dress to show you her kicks.

    xo Leigh

    A sketch by Oliver Messel for Tyrone Guthrie’s 1937 production of A Midsummer night’s Dream at the old Vic via World of Interiors 

  7. Slip slip

    Slip slip

    For late summer, we suggest a slip with a slip.

    xo Leigh 

  8. Mothers & Daughters

    Mothers & Daughters

    I decided to open the wine and texted my friend Lily to come over and share it with me. She arrived with a box of strawberries and ran me a bath while she talked about her day. My daughter and her teenage friends laid the table. They wore big hoop earrings and lip gloss. They were crazed by life and crazed for life. Their conversation was interesting, astute and hilarious. I thought they could save the world. Everything else fell away, like the flesh from the run-over chicken, which my daughter and her friends and Lily and I devoured with relish. — The Cost of Living, Deborah Levy

    photo from Noemi Bonazzi

    xo Leigh 

  9. Scoop!


    Summer take me I'm yours 

    (though i will say the same to fall and winter and spring too - i'm profligate in my season love)

    xo Leigh

    via La Grotta Ices Instagram

  10. Catbird Spotlight: Lauren W

    Catbird Spotlight: Lauren W

    Lauren is a Louisiana native that moved to Brooklyn last year to work for us! She is a bright light in our jewelry studio - always ready with a joke and a big smile. Here is a little bit about her and the work she does here at Catbird HQ!

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