Catbird Spotlight: Natalia


Catbird Spotlight: Natalia

Natalia has been a member of our Jewelry Studio for almost 6 years!! She started as a bench jeweler making our Catbird Classics, and now she is in charge of training all jewelers on how to create our current styles and new releases. Never without a smile, Natalia is always the first one in the studio every morning - we love having her in our family of #catbirdjewelers .

Hometown: Cd. Juarez, Chihuahua. Mexico

Fun Fact: I’m ambidextrous. 

Describe your style in 3 words: Passionate, stubborn, & ambitious.

Who are your Moon & Stars (A, E & T)? My moon is Angel, my husband. We’ve been happily married for almost 7 years. My stars are my two kids, Enzo is 3 years old and Thiago just turned 1. 


How did you get into jewelry?  I went to the University of Texas at El Paso to get a degree in art but when I took a Metalsmithing course to fulfill my class schedule, I fell in love with it. I find jewelry fascinating and I see all jewelry as walking sculptures that are exposed everywhere by anyone. 

Favorite weekend activity? It used to be watching movies but now that I have kids, I enjoy a lot more going to the park, or the zoo when the weather is nice and museums during the winter.

Jewels that are on your wishlist? A new ring that we are about to launch but i can’t disclose it yet. Stay tuned, it will be released soon. I also love all the new charms: spider, shells... I want all of them!!!