Catbird Spotlight: Sad Girls Club + Elyse Fox

We're so proud to introduce you to the newest Catbird Giving Fund partner, Sad Girls Club -- an organiation committed to destigmatizing mental wellness for millenial and Gen Z women, girls, and femmes of color through group counseling, 1:1 therapy, and community programming. Since founding SGC in 2016, Elyse Fox has been on a mission to destigmatize the mental health crisis in Black Americans, with a very needed focus on making the wellness space both diverse and accessible. We sat down with Elyse to learn more about her founder's story, little joys, and acceptance.

Tell us about you.

I’m a creative, filmmaker, mama and mental health activist from Brooklyn, NY.

You are on a mission to provide accessible mental health resources and care to Black women. What life events shaped this purpose for you?

After releasing my film ‘Conversations with Friends’ I was immediately connected with black womxn from around the world who saw themselves in my story and were seeking a safe space to discuss their mental health. After hunting for communities both online and in person, I decided to create Sad Girls Club to fill the void so many women need.

Since Sad Girls Club was founded, how has it evolved and pivoted - including within the last two years when in person connection and care have proved more difficult. How did you navigate this?

Since 2017 SGC has been adamant about adapting as the world changes and the mental health needs of our community shift. Since the pandemic began we created N.Y.A. (not your average) Chatroom a community-oriented group therapy welcoming Sad Girls Club members to vent, convene and heal whatever mental health woes they may be experiencing. We know our members need safe spaces to purge emotions more than ever. Navigating this space has been tricky tbh but carving space to actively listen to our community needs firsthand helps to block out the noise of what else is going on in the world

What are you most looking forward to in 2022?

Acceptance. I’m looking forward to seeing how myself, and the world safely pivots as we search for moments of normalcy through the pandemic. Since the pandemic began we’ve all been kind of waiting for others to provide solution but I’m grateful to see so many communities thrive in bespoke ways to support their well-being.

What do you do to recharge?

I recharge by watching Curb Your Enthusiasm, Abbott Elementary and sleeping uninterrupted when I can.

What advice do you have for anyone who may be facing a personal crisis or sadness?

Find someone you trust to speak with. If you’re not ready to share, find spaces (online and offline) where you find solace and peace. Be kind to yourself because no one really knows what the hell is going on in the world & accept that most of us are pretending to.

Where do you find little joys day by day?

Definitely with my son Basel, he’s joy personified ❤️

What are your future plans for Sad Girls Club?

More in person events, the brand new website premiering at the beginning of February, as did the new merch collection, our 5 year anniversary is in February as well.

May is my favorite month because it’s Mental Health Awareness Month and we’ll be announcing something special!