Catbird Spotlight: Saskia

Catbird Spotlight: Saskia

Saskia has been a member of Catbird's concierge team for nearly 4 years. Maybe you have spoken to her on the phone or emailed with her before!  She's never without a big smile and has the most contagious laugh.


Hometown: New York City

Can you tell us a bit about what you do? I specialize in our Wedding and Engagement collection :) I help people navigate the sometimes tricky task of finding that perfect engagement ring for their loved one or that perfect wedding band (or wedding stack!) to pair with their own ring. The funnest part of my job is taking photos of different ring pairings for people!

How many rings do you wear daily? Usually something around 15.

Jewels that are on your wishlist? O man, all of the rings! The Snow Queen Ring (I've been dreaming of this one for years!), the Aika Ring, the Marrakech Band and the Nora Ring are a few that are on my wish list

Favorite thing about New York? The diversity of cultures and personalities, and the food :)

Favorite Brooklyn spot? Prospect Park, especially the lake! It's so amazing to be able to escape into nature every once in a while. 


Favorite ritual? I recently discovered how insanely amazing facial massages are! A quick 5 minute massage in the morning really wakes me up and also really helps with my sinuses when my allergies are bothering me :) I also apparently hold a ton of tension in my jaw and neck so a little massage every morning feels so amazing!

Drink of choice? Bubble tea, this tea cocktail from a bar that closed down but I have the recipe :), or a Mezcal Old Fashioned