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  1. What We're Giving: Sam

    What We're Giving: Sam

    Sam is giving her sister-in-law, a teacher, things that will make her classroom feel personal this school year. A candle with a reading list inside the lid, desk calendar, and one of our favorite ring dishes - suitable for really any bobs and bits. 


  2. What We're Giving: Sriya

    What We're Giving: Sriya

    Mailing my mom a little box ahead of my flight home. Her parents gave her a gold bell bracelet when she graduated from med school and she never takes it off. I think our Sweet Nothing will layer nicely with it. And when you finally find that perfect pink, it's only right to spread the cheer. And finally, she loves to snooze as much as I do. 


  3. What We're Giving: Leigh

    What We're Giving: Leigh
    I need to join Leigh's girl gang asap!  

    "This year I'm giving them a Ghost Rose candle and rose gold Threadbare, tied up with big black velvet ribbon from my personal velvet ribbon supply. And a little love letter, written on our Strange and Beautiful card.” - L 


  4. Meet a Kitten: Jasmine K

    Meet a Kitten: Jasmine K

    Last month I took the ferry over to Staten Island to visit our jeweler Jasmine and her daughter Daisy at their home. Jasmine is such a sweet and gentle soul with so many talents outside of jewelry design. She creates embellished ornaments and illustrations, and even started up a free community library in miniature form! 

    Title: Jeweler
    Time at Catbird: 4 Years
    Hometown: Brunswick, ME 
    Astrological Sign: Capricorn
    Current song/album on repeat
    While You Were Sleeping by Elvis Perkins/The Beach Boys Pet Sounds. We found this amazing clip of songs from the album being broken down, recorded, and played in full. The editing is so great!
    Most vivd childhood memory:  
    Taking the old velvet upholstered trains through the Japanese countryside to visit my grandparents, and seeing the landscape change from rice fields to lily filled mountainsides. 
    Hidden Talent: 
    I love making tiny paper cranes, and sometimes leave them in random places.
    Currently reading:
    Bill Bryson’s Notes From A Small Island 
    Favorite film:  
    Any Studio Ghibli film, they are just so beautiful and remind me of my childhood.
    Most visited neighborhood hangout: 
    We moved to Staten Island last October, and I am quite a homebody so I’d say my backyard! There’s also a lovely farmer's market near the ferry that we like to go to on Saturdays.
    Coolest dream: 
    I had a vivid dream of walking in a park around a small lake and the flower petals were falling all over. The most beautiful and vibrant colors of pink and fuchsia. I’d never had a dream that was so colorful before, and haven't since either!
    Staff Picks: 
    Bittersweets NY Pinky Club Ring I need to get one that says Daisy!
    All Seeing Googly Eye and  Genie Lamp Necklace, not to toot my own horn. (From Jasmine's very own line Tiny Saru)
    Most valued object: My grandfather’s boat that we sunk into the backyard and filled with flowers. I look out on it from the house every morning and it gives me a peaceful start to the day. Like meditating...

  • Meet a Kitten; Jasmine W

    Meet a Kitten; Jasmine W

    In this week's edition of Meet a Kitten, we step into the Bed-stuy loft of Jasmine. When Jasmine isn't at the Catbird storefront, she's working out of her home studio to make the most beautiful and intricately hand-dyed silks. 

    Upon first entering, Jasmine's cat, Simon Guacamole, greets me at the door. He seems to be fixated on striking poses with the feline themed cards from The Wild Unknown tarot deck. I guess he knows they share his kindred spirits. 

    Jasmine tells me that she shares the space with two roommates, one of whom has built a fish and turtle pond which trickles like a fountain underneath a converted tree house (that's right, an actual tree house). We pass through her work area filled with colorful fabric and textile tools, stopping to get a closer look at her work. Then Jasmine, who is wearing a shirt that she hand dyed herself, leads me towards her room which is a treasure trove of sparkling tchotchkes as well as vintage and handmade silks that hang from the wall and ceilings. There are white and gold porcelain unicorns, soft glistening miniature conch seashells, a string of white lights and beauty products by Kypris, Belmacs, and Ilia.
    Job Title: Sales Associate
    Length of Time at Catbird: 6 months
    Hometown: Asheville, NC
    Astrological Sign: Double Leo, Pisces Moon
    Current song/album that you have on repeat: Song: Jasmine by Jai Paul (narcissistic I know, but it's a great subway wake-up song!) 
    Album: The Moon Rang Like A Bell by Hundred Waters
    Most vivid childhood memory: Getting yelled at in the mall because I crawled into the window to see if a fern was real. It was fake!
    Hidden Talent: It's a secret!
    What are you reading?:  Currently attempting Naked Lunch by William S. Burroughs
    Favorite film: It's a toss-up between Children of Men and Baz Luhrmann's Romeo+Juliet, both feature great Radiohead songs
    Most visited/fav neighborhood hangout: Doris in Bed-stuy, I'm a sucker for good lighting!
    Coolest Dream you've ever had: That my whole family was magical
    Most valued object: A leather journal of quotes and poems that my dad collected when he was younger

    Jasmine's line is called OrjasmicFabric, check it out!


  • Meet a Kitten: Sara

    Meet a Kitten: Sara

    In this edition of Meet a Kitten, we get to to spend time with one of our jewelers, Sara. She is the Assistant Manager in the Wedding & Engagement Department, and one of the super rad ladies who make up our jewelry studio. Sara is always decked out in the most amazing ensembles, so I decided to document a week's worth of her OOTD, as well as ask a few questions to the talented lady hand setting our most precious stones.

    Job Title:  Assistant Jewelry Studio Manager - Wedding & Engagement Dept. 

    Length of Time at Catbird:  2 years

    Hometown:  Evanston, IL 

    Astrological Sign:  Libra 

    What are you reading?: Neil Gaiman's Trigger Warning: Short Fictions and Disturbances 

    Favorite film:Beginners 

    Favorite neighborhood hangout: The Meatball Shop on Bedford

    Weirdest dream you've ever had: I have really detailed dreams all the time so I always find them weird and interesting.  As a kid I had a series of dreams where a platinum blond dude rode around on a bike and led me and other kids on super hero adventures. 

    Staff Pick: Teensy Skull Ring by Bittersweets, I love cute things with a dark slant.

    Most vivd childhood memory:  Posing for a picture in my family's apartment building's garden, wearing a kelly green sundress with animals on it.  Seeing the picture helps make that memory so vivid! 

    What is your most valued object?: A print that my parents gave me for high school graduation that reads, "If you hold on to the handle, she said, it's easier to maintain the illusion of control. But it's more fun if you just let the wind carry you." I've embraced that idea more and more over the last several years and it's made me a happier person.

  • Meet a Kitten: Jeanette

    Meet a Kitten: Jeanette

    I could be biased, but I believe that of all the things that make our line unique, the ultimate factor is that it is made right here in our Brooklyn studio by an awesome set of local New York women. Did you ever wonder what went into making the elegant heart ring in your ring stack? New York City born and raised musician Jeanette knows because she just so happens to be one of the eighteen jewelers working out of our Williamsburg studio.

    Jeanette and I spent Wednesday afternoon on a sunny bench outside of our favorite taco joint, La Superior. She brought along one of her most treasured items, an acoustic Takamine with photos of her mother pasted on the back, where they're close to her heart as she plays.

    Job Title: Jeweler

    Length of Time at Catbird: 2 years

    Hometown: New York City

    Astrological Sign: Scorpio-Sagittarius Cusp

    Current song/album that you have on repeat: Album: Big Mama Thornton With the Muddy Waters Blues Band, 1966

    Most vivid childhood memory: Playing in front of my apartment building in Hell's Kitchen with my two older brothers and older sister, as my parents and grandparents sat on the stoop talking to their friends in the neighborhood.

    Hidden Talent: I play the acoustic guitar

    What are you reading?: Her: A Memoir by Christa Parravani

    Favorite film: 13 Tzameti

    Most visited/fav neighborhood hangout: MoMA PS1

  • What We're Giving: Catherine

    What We're Giving: Catherine

    Catherine is our graphic design extraordinaire, the Catbirdette behind everything from the direction of our latest look book (Off Duty Ballerina!) to that killer neon sign in the Catbird Wedding Annex. Kind of an obvious statement for me to say she has a great design sensibility, which is why I've been looking forward to peeking at her gift list!

    I'm giving Rodin Lip Balm rings to my gal pals. I love finding gifts that strike that perfect balance between casual and fancy. The most refined lip balm in a pretty kitsch container hits the mark.

    The Swan Ring is for my mom. As a Catbirdette who joined the team this year, I'm so excited to be a part of our ten year celebration, which almost everyone here worked on! My mom also collects unique pieces of jewelry from all over the world, but she doesn't own a swan from Brooklyn (yet).

    For my fiancé, the Equilateral Nails (and an appointment to the Wedding Annex. Haha). The nails are made by my friends at Winsome Brave, and are perfect for the apartment sprucing we're planning for the new year. 

  • What We're Giving: Anna

    What We're Giving: Anna

    Anna is our super awesome web manager -- the gatekeeper to the flurry of holiday orders coming in and shipping out to Kittens worldwide. Her whole system kind of mystifies me because I know hundreds of requests are passing through her everyday, but she never seems to break a sweat?! So what's the lady who gets all of you your holiday presents on time giving her BFF? 

    Anna's giving her best friend the Les Fleurs Wall Calendar -- complete with 12 Rifle Paper Co. illustrations to mark 2015. The calendar is being paired with the porcelain swan mug, our favorite vessel for morning caffeine jolts. 


  • What We're Giving: Rony

    What We're Giving: Rony

    Rony is keeping her recipients anonymous so as to not give away the surprise, but her top picks do reveal that she leans towards tiny things in pretty packaging. 

    I give Egyptian Magic to all of my friends over 35 because it's all natural and truly good for any skin type. 

    Aster & Bay Cleansing Oil is is a rich blend of nourishing oils at only $28 a bottle. It's one of my favorite new beauty finds. 

    The Sleeping Beauty Ring is just the right amount of sparkle - you can't really go wrong with gifting jewelry this classic and subtle. 

    Goest Silent Films is a complex scent packed into a simple bottle. It also comes with a beautifully illustrated card that explains the different notes in just a few words. 

    Continuing with my love of gifting tiny things, the new Marvis Gift Set includes two small tooth brushes. It's a great idea for anyone with a guest room. 

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