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    We fleet-feeted New Yorkers transport ourselves by moving gracefully, swiftly (alright, slowly for some of us) along the sidewalks, dashing here and there, jay-walking with aplomb. But when given the chance to drive, it might take even longer to arrive at one's destination (traffic aside) because car light is just so dappled, all at once strobing and soft and so one just might have to pull over to take some photographs of beloved new rings on the drive to the office. 

    xo Leigh 

  2. Don't forget about me!

    This spring and beyond, consider the thumb ring, says I (and you?)! My left thumb has a special meaning to me (it involves childhood and my mom, as most things do); for years I've longed for a fancy thumb ring and so this morning I fished around in my jewelry dish, plucked out the Serpent d'Eau eternity ring that I love so, and popped it on that special to me left thumb. Thumb ring wearing feels nice and pleasing and unexpected and right. Join me, won't you?

    xo Leigh

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  3. Autumn In New York


    I always make a point of walking through the astonishingly beautiful Elizabeth Street Gardens when I am walking to our Soho store. If the timing works and I can sit there with a coffee, that’s automatically a good day.


    Rockefeller State Park Preserve (in Westchester County) - It is an amazing trail where you can see beautiful foliage and I get to bring my fur babies.


    The Met Cloisters when the leaves change have such pretty fall foliage views!


    My birthday is in September and it’s my favorite tradition to go to Jacob Riis to celebrate. A half-empty beach is so serene.


    I love going to Achilles Heel in Greenpoint to cozy up by their small fireplace with a cocktail and a snack. (Their bread and butter is extraordinary — something not often said about bread and butter)


    Renaissance Festival in Fort Tryon Park (right near the Cloisters) that's fun for all ages.


    Mud in the East Village is my favorite fall cafe! They have the best dirty chai, it tastes like fall in a cup - plus their mugs are the best!


    My four year old just started big kid school — every morning we are going to ride on the subway together while we hold hands and whisper through our masks (she is shy) and watch the city we love, and let our lives get a little bigger after a year closer to home.



    "The crickets felt it was their duty to warn everybody that summertime cannot last forever. Even on the most beautiful days in the whole year - the days when summer is changing into autumn - the crickets spread the rumour of sadness and change." — Charlotte's Web, E.B. White


    It's that time, swans — the time it always is (oh! change) but sometimes, like a frog in a pond, that time is clearer to see. 

    xo Leigh 

  5. How We Wear It: Summer's End Bandana

    Shells, strawberries, snakes, spiders — a gathering in bandana form to celebrate the soft swirling skies of summer's end. Like the sweetness of summer, this offer won't last forever. But (always a but), after every end comes a new beginning. 

    This limited edition bandana is 100% cotton, produced in the US and printed in Brooklyn, New York. The custom illustration is by Jasmine from our design team. 

    The bandanas are 100% cotton and we recommend washing on cold water and to hang dry.

  6. Diana of the Upper Air

    Diana, atop Madison Square Garden

    "For a short while the highest point of the New York skyline was marked by a girl standing on tiptoe. At night she was also the brightest point, the focus of 66 incandescent lamps and ten spotlights, at a time when there was little electric light in the city. During the day, the sun detonated her gilded surface and she ‘flashed against a green-blue sky’, as Willa Cather described it in My Mortal Enemy." — Diana of the Upper Air, Lavinia Greenlaw 

    Reader, read it! So very, very good. Like a gust of cool breeze, the sort that would have sent Diana spinning.

    xo Leigh

  7. A Quick Drawing Session with Regina Yazdi (The Artist Behind Our Swans!)

    Our dear friend and artist, Regina Yazdi who created our iconic swans (you'll find them everywhere - on our tote bags, on our postcards, on our tissue paper, we love them so!) was kind enough to film a quick swan tutorial for all of us! Join us in drawing along - and send us your swans (DM us, email us, text us!) we'd love to see your work :)

  8. Smitten, Bitten

    Oh, oh here I go off into Mulleavy wonderland, down that Rodarte rabbit hole! They are back in New York and I can feel their sister presence! Last time they showed here, I was home with my newborn and their women were draped in baby's breath, and I felt like I had a telephone line straight from here to there. The time before that, I read the ticket to the show wrong and spent a morning in the West Village instead, which was a mistake that I recovered from with coffee and pastries.

  9. otherworldly roses

    otherworldly roses

    Very interested in being a tiny gold ant spilling in and over these monstrously lush petals, bathing in their rosewater - you too? oh good, let's.

    xo Leigh

    roses by Nick Knight

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  10. WHAT-eau? Watteau!

    WHAT-eau? Watteau!
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