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  1. A Quick Drawing Session with Regina Yazdi (The Artist Behind Our Swans!)

    Our dear friend and artist, Regina Yazdi who created our iconic swans (you'll find them everywhere - on our tote bags, on our postcards, on our tissue paper, we love them so!) was kind enough to film a quick swan tutorial for all of us! Join us in drawing along - and send us your swans (DM us, email us, text us!) we'd love to see your work :)

  2. Smitten, Bitten

    Oh, oh here I go off into Mulleavy wonderland, down that Rodarte rabbit hole! They are back in New York and I can feel their sister presence! Last time they showed here, I was home with my newborn and their women were draped in baby's breath, and I felt like I had a telephone line straight from here to there. The time before that, I read the ticket to the show wrong and spent a morning in the West Village instead, which was a mistake that I recovered from with coffee and pastries.

  3. otherworldly roses

    otherworldly roses

    Very interested in being a tiny gold ant spilling in and over these monstrously lush petals, bathing in their rosewater - you too? oh good, let's.

    xo Leigh

    roses by Nick Knight

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  4. WHAT-eau? Watteau!

    WHAT-eau? Watteau!
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  5. A weekend, an always of La Dolce Vita

    cannoli 2cannoli 2
    cannoli 3cannoli 3
    cannoli 1cannoli 1

    This weekend we're eating mini cannolis and walking around the neighborhood, buoyed by a very close read of The Remnants of La Dolce Vita in Brooklyn’s Italian Williamsburg. Pictured above, local cannolis eaten in the very intensive R&D for our own Holy Cannoli

    xo Leigh

  6. The Dalai Lama on a treadmill/our weekend (and on an on) mission.

  7. This weekend we're...


    Calder on exhibit at Wave Hill in the 70s

    going to Wave Hill to see the flowers in early blossom (magnolias! spring snowflakes!) and then driving to Arthur Avenue for Italian sandwiches, arancini, and affogato. Bedside table heaving with new books to thumb through including but not limited to As They Were by M.F.K. Fisher, After Many a Summer Dies the Swan by Aldous Huxley, and Alexander Lieberman's The Artist in His Studio (a title that would not fly today).

    And what are your plans, dear swans and kittens?

    xo Leigh


  8. In celebration of trivia

    In celebration of trivia

    There is a place for the small and the shiny, the frothy and flowery; the tiny and trivia-ish need not be trivial. Do read "Of Dragons and Garden Peas", Alice Trillin put it best.

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  9. I remember you well in the Chelsea Hotel

    I remember you well in the Chelsea Hotel

    I went in search of a favorite Chelsea Hotel apartment and found along the way this list I love (full of pre-critical enthusiasm). Also, what a sure hand she had in answering. 

    The Selby: Hi Sally! What are 4 characteristics of authenticity. 

    Sally: 1. pre-critical enthusiasm, 2. a sure hand, 3. a touch of myopia , 4. a good heart 

    xo Leigh

  10. Muscari!


    I've got a penchant for flowers shaped like shower caps — have gone back to look at Brittany Asch's photo one two so many times.

    xo Leigh 

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