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  1. Strange Love

    Strange Love

    I like to follow florists, Italians, yogis, girls who wear bows.

    photo from Simone Gooch the great

    xo Leigh

  2. Small stores and little houses.

    Small stores and little houses.

    "Little houses with shining, clean windows and wonderful rippled window shades and lace curtains," she would recall for interviewers. "Old stores where they made cigars by hand in the windows, and the pillow shop where they made pillows. . . ."

    Betty Smith, author of a Tree Grows in Brooklyn, on our dear Williamsburg - photo is from my Instagram, where I like to collect photos of apartments with lace curtains, I was so very excited to find this quote (in the New York Daily News, no less!).


  3. A new house of love.

    A new house of love.
    Coming soon...until then, a detail we love, and painted pink. xo Leigh
  4. Valentine's cometh.

    Valentine's cometh.

    Our Valentine palette is inspired by a close detail of late water lilies by Monet, seen a few winters ago at the Albertina in Vienna, sweetened up a little for the season. More chloropyhll-ish muddy greens to come as we get closer to the day of a thousand roses.

    xo Leigh

  5. He met his wife buying an ice cream while on holiday in St. Petersburg

    He met his wife buying an ice cream while on holiday in St. Petersburg

    "He sits peacefully for hours, listens to his heartbeat, and lets his mind roam. Sometimes he remembers the shame of wearing handmade clothes to school; or the sweet, chemical smell of silver polish from the house where his mother worked; or the esoteric flight patterns of the tumbler pigeons his neighbor bred. Sometimes he wonders whether, if he dies in his studio one night, people will know exactly when he died, which cut was his last."

    Learn more about the life, and work, of Graham Short, the world's only micro-engraver. I hope you will be delighted; I was. 


  6. Fictional Gifts: Really Rosie

    Fictional Gifts: Really Rosie

    If Really Rosie were real, and really my friend, I'd give her our Neighbor's Fig Tree Candle, because it's really inspired by the streets of her beloved Brooklyn.


  7. Black Party Dresses

    Black Party Dresses
    Spotted: the perfect backdrop for delicate lashings of gold. 
    xo Leigh
    The Gamine dress by Erica Tanov, see more of our Catbird Dream Closet (and we do mean dream!) here.
  8. Many Moons

    Many Moons
    Though we at Catbird stand divided on this book, I’ve been reading Goodnight Moon to my daughter every night, hearing my mom’s voice in my head. To me it is an incantation, rhythmic, swinging, soothing. I hope Bluebell feels the same. 
    xo Leigh
    Tiny Crescent Moon Necklace by Yayoi Forest $324 
  9. Step In

    Step In

    Come meet us at our one and only shop, the place where it all started in the heart of Williamsburg, Brooklyn. #219Bedford

  10. After Midnight

    After Midnight

    The best pumpkins I’ve ever seen (that aren’t velvet).

    xo Leigh

    [Photo & enchanting arrangement by Emily Thompson Flowers]

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