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  1. Catbird ❤️ Food Bank For New York City

    The entire month of September we will be donating 25% of all food charm sales to Food Bank for New York City.

    This collective contribution provides warm meals and pantry distribution support for over 1.5 million people across our five boroughs.

  2. My new favorite bodega item.

    My new favorite bodega item.

    We made a lip balm with Stewart and Claire and it's an homage to Brooklyn bodegas and their roses and overripe avocados and plentiful seltzer options. Smells like roses, looks like them too!

    xo Leigh

    Bodega Bouquet $8

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  3. The new Snow Queens will melt your heart into a shining puddle

    The new Snow Queens will melt your heart into a shining puddle

    The air is turning from crisp to twinkling and I am wearing new Snow Queens — they're almost ready to meet you.

    It's the season for white gold and a Snow Queen thimble's worth of diamonds.

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  4. Catbird Wedding Annex visits LA

    Catbird Wedding Annex visits LA

    Los Angeles!! We are coming for you this weekend - and we are bringing our finest of fine pieces with us. Our Wedding Annex is opening up shop at Palihouse West Hollywood for a long weekend. We are mostly booked up (just a few appointments left on Friday 9/28 & Monday 10/1), so be sure to snap up one of our remaining appointments via this link.  Here is a quick list of all of the pieces we are bringing with us! Outside of wedding and engagement jewelry we are also bringing a nice edit of Day Of pieces. 

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  5. The Big Cute


    Our beloved Mignon Memory Ring has a new cousin! So many of you asked for our Mignon Memory Ring in full sizes and we listened. The new Grand Mignon has slightly different dimensions than the original for durability in a full finger size, but she retains the smooth, shiny surface and a sleek low dome. Comes in rose and yellow gold, of course!

    Shop all our mignons here.

    xo Leigh

  6. Gone Grey in the Very Best Way

    Gone Grey in the Very Best Way
    Grey diamonds are certainly at the very top of our wish list! Perfectly imperfect - each stone looks like its own tiny universe. Below are a few of our favorite grey diamond pieces we have in store at the moment…


  7. Holding Hands, Helping Hands

    Holding Hands, Helping Hands

    Just in time for Mother’s Day -- today we released a really special, limited edition necklace with a nonprofit we hold so close to our hearts - The Adventure Project. One hundred percent of the proceeds from our Holding Hands Necklace will go towards The Adventure Project’s community health program in Kenya & Uganda. The Adventure Project works hand in hand with their local partner, Living Goods, to train women who are leaders in their communities to be Community Health Providers, which equips them to diagnose and treat common illnesses and sell over 60 lifesaving products to their neighbors at affordable prices (an average of 50¢ per treatment).

    Our goal is to fund the training of 10 women, who will serve 8,000 members of their communities.

    Rony & Leigh sat down with The Coveteur to discuss the collaboration and what it means to them as women and mothers. You can read the full story here!

    Let’s join together!


  8. Dear Los Angeles...

    Dear Los Angeles...

    Dear Los Angeles,

    We think you are so wonderful! Your sunshine and flora make us extremely happy, and we could not be more delighted to be visiting you this month. Our store in Culver City’s Platform is filled with our favorite jewelry & other fun things including a very special selection of vintage clothing we co-curated with A Current Affair!
    We’ve also planned a few events throughout the month, like a book swap with Girls At the Library this Sunday, April 9th. Hope you can make it, we would love to see you!

    Be sure to check out all of the details for Catbird Visits LA here!

    Lots of love,
    The Catbird Team

    P.S. You can RSVP for the book swap by emailing [email protected]

  9. A plumper fairy.

    A plumper fairy.

    Our new Fairy Light Supreme, also affectionately known amongst us as the Zaftig Fairy Light, is true to it's name, supremely lovely. It retains all the floating, airborne magic of the Fairy Light, with a little more heft than our original Fairy Light.

  10. Oh, Emeralds!

    Oh, Emeralds!
    Deep, lush emeralds completely charm us. From carved motifs found in the Mughal Empire to Queen Victoria’s famous snake head engagement ring, emeralds hold a lot of history and even an element of magic.
    We rounded up a few of our current emeralds, you can find them online and at 219 Bedford Avenue.



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