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  1. In the mood: Smoke & Violets

    Our new SMOKE & VIOLETS Perfume was inspired by bad ballerinas, and wintry nights in New York City. 

    "Along the hard crest of the snowdrift
    to my white, mysterious house,
    both of us quiet now,
    keeping silent as we walk."

    -Anna Akhmatova

  2. Welcome Back Beautiful

    Welcome Back Beautiful

    The Rose Reading Room in the New York Public Library on Fifth Avenue has finally reopened its huge ornate doors after being closed for restorations the past couple years. Though this room reminds me of an overly romanticizing new "New Yorker", fresh faced, wide eyed, and completely lonely version of myself a number of years ago, I'm certainly glad she is back in all of her grandeur. Welcome back, beautiful.

    xoxo, Rachel 

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  3. First look: Rodin Luxury Lipstick

    First look: Rodin Luxury Lipstick

    We love: glowing skin, piles of delicate jewelry, and the perfect lipstick. Linda Rodin, chicest queen of face oils, has launched her collection of lipsticks and they are just that: PERFECT. To achieve the creamy and softly matte texture, Linda infused the RODIN lipstick formula with Olio Lusso, the luxury oil blend at the heart of her cult favorite oils.

     Welcome to Catbird (and the world!) Rodin Luxury Lipstick!

  4. What We're Giving: Mother's Day for the Mom Who Loves Baths

    What We're Giving: Mother's Day for the Mom Who Loves Baths

    It's been some years now since I've actually taken an honest to goodness soak in a bathtub, not for lack of suds or trying, but rather, lack of space. Living in a tiny New York apartment does have its drawbacks at times, little legroom in bathtubs being one of them, but I'd be lying if I said I hadn't given our bath products a test run in my doll-sized tub. So if your mother is of the soaking persuasion, look no further:

    Mullein & Sparrow for Catbird Bath Soak Imagine bathing in the most fragrant, floral tea with rose, lavender, hibiscus, and calendula.

    French Girl Sea Polish If, like me, your mom isn't the best at mornings, she'll love this scrub. It smells like peppermint, and it's an instant pick me up, especially for those early mornings, when all you feel like doing is lying in bed.

    Egyptian Magic Skin Cream I'll admit that I'm a bit set in my ways when it comes to trying new moisturizers (why mess with a good thing), but I'm so so so happy I stepped outside my comfort zone with this skin cream. It's replaced virtually every moisturizer I own.


  5. Catbird / Valentine 2016

    Catbird / Valentine 2016

    We shot a really special campaign this past weekend with our friend Lauren. A little peek for you kittens, and more to come through February.


    photography by Maureen Peabody 

  6. You're Invited!

    You're Invited!

    Kittens! We're celebrating Autumn in New York tonight with all of you! 

    Come see us at the Catbird Wedding Annex for treats + sips + a few surprises. 


  7. Weekend Plans with Ashkahn x Catbird

    Weekend Plans with Ashkahn x Catbird

    Going to lay in the park this weekend in a blanket fortress filled with wine, books, and our new Ashkahn x Catbird stationery. 

    Could there be a more quintessential card for everyone you love? Silverlake based artist  Ashkahn Shahparnia created this paper wonder just for us and we have plans to fill many with our words. 


    sold individually, blank inside. 

  8. Brooklyn Rive Gauche

    Brooklyn Rive Gauche

    Parisian kittens, we arrive tomorrow!

    Famed Left Bank department store Le Bon Marché debuts their Brooklyn Rive Gauche exhibit from September 3rd through October 17th. Spanning the entirety of their space, 100 Brooklyn made brands across ready-to-wear, leather goods, home decor, jewelry, and speciality foods have been imported for the occasion. 

    What exactly does this mean? Baggu totes, McClure's Pickles, Catbird stacks and Ulla Johnson blouses in one trés chic exhibit!

    Always exciting to be seen as part of the collective Made in New York identity, and especially flattering to have it interpreted through the lens of our second favorite city. :) 

    Don't forget to tag us @catbirdnyc if you spot our rings and things at Le Bon Marché this fall. 

  9. For Nepal

    For Nepal

    Hi Kittens,

    We will be donating a portion of today and tomorrow's sales from both our Bedford Avenue shop and online to the Shikshya Foundation. The funds will be used for immediate disaster relief and long-term rebuilding efforts in Nepal. 


  10. Did Someone Say Carrier Swan?

    Did Someone Say Carrier Swan?

    New York Kittens, this one's for you! We've partnered with our neighbor Parcel to bring a very last minute Valentine - planning ahead is so over - straight to you! Choose from three limited edition gifts and we'll do the rest. This means fancy wrapping and a Swan dispatched to your door on Thursday or Friday night - your choice. Okay, the Swan might actually be a Parcel driver, but beating Catbird's holiday crowd and free same-day delivery still sounds like a win/win. 

    And if you want to get creative and send this Valentine right to your love's door, we're in the business of surprises too. 


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