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  1. Don't forget about me!

    This spring and beyond, consider the thumb ring, says I (and you?)! My left thumb has a special meaning to me (it involves childhood and my mom, as most things do); for years I've longed for a fancy thumb ring and so this morning I fished around in my jewelry dish, plucked out the Serpent d'Eau eternity ring that I love so, and popped it on that special to me left thumb. Thumb ring wearing feels nice and pleasing and unexpected and right. Join me, won't you?

    xo Leigh

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  2. A thing to long for

    A shelf, or bedside table, full of a run of V. Woolf  as published and printed by her own Hogarth Press, and a morning, afternoon, evening to quietly slip one off said shelf or bedside table and read, uninterrupted and furthermore, unencumbered! 

    [From our neighborhood secret bookshop, High Valley Books]

  3. Leigh's Reading List

    Anne of Green Gables

    L.M. Montgomery

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  4. What We're Giving: Sea of Shoes 

    What We're Giving: Sea of Shoes 

    We had to interrupt our regularly scheduled What We're Giving to share this sweet "one for me, one for you" idea, courtesy of Sea of Shoes' Jane Aldridge and LoveGoldLive. Jane gifted her sister our Dollhouse Locket, and herself one to match. Get creative and include a little illustration or note on the inside to make it extra thoughtful.

    "It is such a simple gift to give, but the sentiment behind it stands the test of time. I fell in love with the minimalist design of this locket by Catbird. When I saw it I knew it was something my sister would love. I love the idea of sharing matching gold lockets with her, and I’m so glad to have found the perfect gift for us to share." 

    Jane and Carol are pictured below in the 14k gold pendant. Also available in sterling silver


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