Wedding Annex Q&A

We took a trip to our Wedding Annex recently with Saskia from our concierge team. She is the expert in ALL things wedding & engagement! With a little help from our Instagram followers, we worked through a small sampling of some of the questions you guys had. Let's get started!

Q: How do you find your ring size?

A: We highly recommend visiting a local jeweler in your area (if you aren't local to New York) to find the best ring size for you! We also have a Ring Sizing Guide on our website and we do sell a nifty little Ring Sizer. If you are in New York, swing by one of our locations and our staff will gladly size you!


Q: Should the fit of a ring be tight or loose? Doesn’t finger size change with seasons?


A: The fit is up to you :) Some people prefer their rings to fit  loose, while others prefer it to be more snug. I personally like my rings to fit loose as my fingers will swell so much in the summer. It’s best to find a happy medium, something that is only a little tight in the summer and only a little loose in the winter. (Tip: You can always add a simple stacking ring on top to hold your ring in place in the winter - if needed!)

Q: What karat gold would you recommend for an engagement / wedding ring?


A: Normally for Wedding & Engagement rings we recommend either 14k gold or 18k gold. Most of our styles are available in both of these karats. We do offer bands in 22k gold, though this karat is a bit too soft for stones, so we do not recommend 22k for engagement rings.

Q: What is the largest size diamond you carry?


A: We carry a wide range of carat sizes starting at  .1 ct and the largest stones clocking in around 1ct. (including Juno the Swan & the Knife Edge Ring by Erstwhile)

Q: What's the difference between Anna & Odette the Swan?


A: The main difference is that Anna the Swan has a brilliant cut center stone and Odette has a rose cut center stone!  Rose cut diamonds have a flat bottom and all of the facets are cut on the top of the stone, making for a softer sparkle. And brilliant cut diamonds are a traditional diamond shape, and have a lot more facets on the inside allowing the light to bounce around so it appears brighter & whiter!

Q: How do thin bands fare as an everyday ring? What's the wear and tear like?


A: Thin bands can absolutely last a lifetime if cared for properly. Gold is a relatively soft metal that will want to mold to the shape of your finger over time. But that is perfectly normal! We generally recommend removing your jewelry if you are going to be going to be doing something that might be hard on your hands like moving furniture or lifting weights or gardening for example.

Q: Do you have engagement rings without stones?


A: Yes of course! There are no rules. We have many wonderful rings without stones. See a few of our favorites here. Click the photos to shop!

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Q: How are customers choosing their rings while keeping the surprise of a proposal?


A:When shopping for an engagement ring people usually take into account the other person's style, maybe take a look at their pinterest boards or their Instagram for ideas. You can usually get some hints from the jewelry they already wear too, like do they more yellow gold or rose gold. Also, talking to their close friend or family member helps because they may have spoken with them about what kind of ring they would like.

Q: Are your diamonds GIA graded?


A: All of our brilliant cut Swans come with a GIA certificate. (They are also all recycled diamonds! Learn more about our recycled diamond program here.) Some other center diamonds can be certified as well. Diamonds in rings by other designers can also sometimes be certified. If you have questions about a specific ring, contact us - we can find out!

Q: What alloy is your white gold / are they plated?


A: Our white gold is not rhodium plated, as we prefer the natural color of white gold to shine through so it’s a little bit more yellow. Our white gold alloy contains pure gold, usually some zinc, copper, silver, and trace amounts of nickel. Some of the designers we carry do plate their white gold, so if you have a question about a specific piece please contact us! :)





Q: What is the best engagement ring metal for someone with a nickel allergy?


A: Generally we recommend platinum because it is a hypoallergenic metal. Gold can have trace elements of nickel or other metals that might cause allergies as it is an alloy of various metals. Many of the wedding an engagement styles we carry can be ordered in platinum - here are some of our favorites.  Click the photos to shop!  ➡️ ➡️

Q: Are emeralds a bad choice for a swimmer? 

A: Emeralds are a bit sensitive, so we highly recommend removing them before going swimming or taking a shower, doing dishes, applying lotions / creams, spraying hairspray etc. Prevention is ALWAYS the best jewelry care! Do you have questions about jewelry care for a different stone? Check out our Jewelry Care Guide or reach out to our concierge team!

Q: Ring insurance. Do people buy it? Is it worth it?


A: People do! We think it is. You never know what might happen. We offer appraisals for insurance companies for all rings purchased with us - if you are interested in getting an appraisal please email us!


Q: How do I keep my diamonds sparkly and clean forever?


A: We have a pretty amazing jewelry care guide on our website (see it here)! If you are local, you can also stop by one of our locations and we would be happy to do a quick cleaning for you, you can also visit a local jeweler. If you want a deep clean at home, we would suggest looking into investing in an at-home ultra-sonic machine. We also sell a Sparkle & Shine Kit for quick clean ups. So many ways to sparkle!


Q: Best way to choose a wedding ring to pair with my Catbird engagement ring (not in NYC)?


A: Contact our concierge team!! We are so happy to help and send lots and lots of photos of different pairings :)