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I just wanted to reach out and say how impressed and amazed I was to get this order so promptly and so beautifully wrapped! I cant wait to give her the giftcard because, as I said before, she LOVES your jewelry (as we all do) and will be so excited to be able to pick out a new piece!

Thank you again!!

Thanks so much, they arrived today! I love the necklaces, thank you for assisting with my order and to all of you for giving us such a meaningful reason to buy beautiful jewelry. I really love the ethics of your business, as well as the jewelry itself! And in this post-election moment it felt empowering to be able to do something.


Hello beauties.. every interaction with you has been magical. From customer care to exchanges. Everything magical. 


Dear Catbird -

My order arrived today and as usual was so lovingly packaged! The gift wrapping is gorgeous - and all of the little extra treats you provided are so special! The recipients of the items are going to be as thrilled as I am giving them such unique and lovely treats!

Please give everyone at Catbird my sincerest thanks and best wishes!


I love love my ring. Beauty and art on my finger, thank u so much for being there,  this is my first ring and it is pure poetry.  


Thank you-

Just wanted to say thanks!! I appreciate how quick I received my ring.   It made it in plenty of time for our trip.   She said yes and absolutely loves the ring.   We will definitely be doing business with you again and I will recommend you 100% to anyone. 

Dear Catbird staff
Thank you for quick  and kind response, shipping, and everything you guys did to me even though I ordered item from Japan.
i'm so satisfy to shop at you guys, and the item I will get must bring happiness and make the day super special.
Thank you,

Your earrings...are to die for!!

Just received the sleeping beauty in the post today as an early Christmas present to myself! I discovered your brand about 4-5 years ago and promised myself I would get a few of your pieces. Unfortunately I live in the U.K. Which made things a bit tricky! But since discovering you stock in the U.K. through Harvey Nichols and net-a-porter I've had zero excuses! (That plus having family in America which also helps). My cousin in NY sent me the ballerina earring in gold a while back and I absolutely loved it and I thought I'd take the plunge and try the mis-matched earring look. (Still not convinced I'm pulling it off well!) Here she is sitting with her new sister, the sleeping beauty. They go fantastically well with my threadbare and alphabet ring!

I love the brand and what the brand represents as an all women business, and some of the partnerships you do with charity. I've now decided that every time I get a small breakthrough or make some progress in my PhD (representing women in science!!) I treat myself to a little Catbird something.

Keep up the great work - can't wait to add more pieces to my collection! (And if anything, the thought of more catbird jewellery keeps me motivated and from getting distracted from my PhD work

Best wishes all the way from England,

Good morning –

Catbird is a favorite of both of my nieces, which is how I first heard about you.  Recently, I was in New York for my niece’s wedding and stayed in Brooklyn.  I happened to be taking a walk and passed your store, quite to my surprise.  I wasn’t able to come in but drooled in the window for a few moments, then made a mental note to look you up when I returned home.  I recently placed a small order and I can’t tell you how impressed I am!  Catbird made me feel like I was the most important customer you ever had!  Opening the shipment (just 2 tubes of lipstick) was like Christmas morning!  I love the products and can’t wait to place my next order, which will be jewelry.  Yes please, I’ll take one of everything!  Thank you for setting the bar so high for all other retailers.  I’m spreading the word!

A customer for life -


Thank you so much for your quick reply. I'm so pleased to hear that you guys are willing to repair the ring free of charge. I knew I could rely on the excellent customer service. ;)

 I'm very aware of the delicate way Catbird rings are designed so I still prefer Catbird working its magic! ;) But I'll keep you guys posted.

 Meanwhile thanks a lot for the understanding and the excellent service!



Thank you so much, our order arrived with us in Sydney yesterday. My fiancé and I loved opening our package and trying on our rings (with some special champagne to celebrate) they fit perfectly and look amazing.  Thank you again for your wonderful service and a great experience with Leo at the Wedding Annex.

Thank you again,


Sorry Saskia,  I was driving yesterday and hit an auto reply but I wanted to take the time to personally thank you for helping me out here.  It has been crazy here and that was my tipping point.  But to go above and beyond to help me out with my mistake shows why people want to support smaller shops than big jewelry companies.  This ring will symbolize for us a bond and friendship we have developed over time and the fact that she still doesn't think I saw it on her computer on our first date will just blow her mind.

Thank you again...from the bottom of my heart



The ring was extraordinarily well received! Please pass my compliments on to the designer and crafter. The use of small brilliant diamonds to provide the sparkle on top of the classic rose cut stone is inspired.


Hi Anna,

Thank you so much for the quick response! I was and still am very excited about this piece as it is a special present for my mom. I absolutely love this company and really appreciate you and your team looking out for any quality issues that it may have had. It's so nice to know that you have incredible customer service and appreciation. I understand about the extended time it will take. Thank you again! Very excited!



Good evening,

Just wanted to say that I felt in love with your creations. I take a look on your website once a week because it is full of beautiful products and nice content.

I got the chance to buy me a ring at Le Bon Marché in Paris during their Brooklyn exhibition and I am mad about it. It is so delicate and lovely, I wish I could visit you soon !

Congratulations on the good work ! Hope to come say hi soon :)

Good Evening, I wanted to send a quick note to say thank you so much!  I ordered a ring from you all for the first time recently and got it in the mail today.  I just have to say how delighted I am with it.  Your jewelry is amazing and so perfect for me.  From the wrapping and the tote bag to the ring itself, it was all lovely and much appreciated.  Looking forward to ordering from your company in the near future!

Thanks again,


Hi Kittens!

I really just had to take the time to thank you for creating such a sweet birthday package for me. It really means the world to me, and makes me believe in your products and company even more.

I ordered a threadbare ring, and in the comments, I asked if I could please have a totebag for my birthday. I received even MORE than requested, and it made me tear up a little! What girl doesn't love cute stuff?!

Thanks so much. Positive energy and good vibes to you all day!


Hi Catbird!

My name is Morgan, and I am currently an undecided sophomore at the University of Central Florida.  I just wanted to take the time and sit down, and write to you about how inspiring you ladies truly are to me (and I’m sure many other girls).  

You are such a beautiful company that is dominated by females, and that fact is so refreshing.  I first fell in love with your jewels maybe 4 years ago, and have been buying from you ever since (well as much as my nannying paycheck permits).  Your Dark Side of the Moon ring is probably my favorite thing ever.  I initially fell in love with you because of the beauty of your dainty gold jewels, but as I started to follow you on Instagram and twitter, I began to see what an empowering company to woman you truly are.  Your company is founded, staffed and run by females, and you have become such a success.  Seeing a woman-dominated company become a success story has inspired me to make my own.

I don’t know what I want to do with the rest of my life, but seeing companies like yours gives me the courage to believe that whatever I can do, I can succeed in it.  Being a woman does not mean there’s a boundary that I cannot surpass on my way to success.  This being said, I was not oppressed growing up for being a girl, but I always had it in the back of my head that I would probably get married, and live mostly off my husband’s salary.  My view has since then changed, and I now want to make my own success and not have to rely on someone else’s.  And it is companies like yours, which empower women, that have helped me believe this in myself.

So I really just wanted you guys to know how inspiring I think you are, and how you have helped me further believe in myself, and made me dream of success. So thank you for empowering women and setting an example that women too can be successful.  And of course thank you for adorning my fingers and ears and neck with shiny gold beauties.

Keep on inspiring!!


P.S I’ve been saving up for the Full Heart Necklace so that I can help support such a wonderful cause :)

Hi! I placed an order on Thursday for my gold choker and two secret little studs. I received them the NEXT DAY. Whattt?!?!

This is the first time ordering your jewelry  directly from you (I've purchased via JCrew previously) and I was just so impressed by how quickly my order was processed. And not to mention the great, quality packaging and free tote. And a matchbook?! Seriously, stop.

I am currently living in my studs and choker and have no plans to take them off. The design and quality of your pieces is the best. I can't believe how many compliments I get on my simple gold accessories.

Great customer service means so much and you really aced it!
Thank you,
A very happy customer

Hello Anna, I just wanted to let you know that I received the new pair of earrings along with the other goodies. Thank you so much for everything. I am a mom to 4 kids, wife to a fireman that is overworked and underpaid, and a college student. Deciding to purchase anything beyond a need for myself is always heavily weighed upon and last year I decided to buy those earrings for myself for my birthday. Thank you for making me a customer a for life at Catbird. I look forward to making more purchases when I am able to! Thank you again!


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