Frequently Asked Questions


Is your gold recycled and are your diamonds conflict-free?

Yes! Catbird, and all of the designers we carry, ethically sourced and conflict-free gold and diamonds. The Catbird line is entirely made in New York. Read about how we operate here and learn about our (mainly recycled!) diamonds here!


Recycled diamonds are reclaimed diamonds. These are whole vintage diamonds that were removed from older pieces of jewelry. We purchase these stones from a supplier that specializes specifically in the trade of recycled diamonds.

Since these stones are all in their second lives, tracing where they came from originally is not possible. However, since they are recycled they have zero environmental impact (no mining) and are utilizing materials which already exist in a finished form. Learn more about our diamonds here.

What stones are best for engagement rings?

All stones have a hardness factor based on the Mohs scale. While diamonds rank the highest (a stately 10), rubies and sapphires don’t far fall behind (they are both 9s) making them great choices. While you see plenty of vintage rings with emeralds, opals and pearls, they are definitely more delicate so we don’t recommend them for an engagement ring that you plan to wear every day.

You can read more about our diamonds here, and shop by stone here.

Help! I broke my Catbird jewelry, what now?

Don't worry, we're here to help! We make our jewelry as resilient as possible, but, as with all jewelry, stones sometimes fall out or a mechanism or chain can break. Your satisfaction is our highest priority - we will work with you to address the situation! 

Repairs pertaining to online orders need to be approved by Catbird staff, so make sure to email us first. If you're local to the Bedford Avenue shop, stop by and we can help! 
What is your warranty on wedding and engagement rings?

Please see it here.

How should I take care of my jewelry?

We created this sheet to answer this question! Please email us if you have any other questions!

Help! My ring is 14k gold, but it's turning green!

It's ok! It happens! Sometimes, the oils in our skin can cause a reaction with gold leaving a mark on skin or on the gold itself. It can even be affected by what we've eaten that day, by chemicals or lotions that may have come into contact with it, or sweat from your recent workout! The discoloration can easily be removed with a soft polishing cloth. You can read more about cleaning jewelry here. If the polishing cloth doesn’t do the trick - please contact us

Tell me about Black Diamonds!

Most black diamonds on the market are heat-treated for a more opaque, rich black coloration. Because these heat treated black diamonds are opaque, they will most likely have an inaccurate result if tested according to a typical authenticity test for white diamonds. You can ask a jeweler to use a DiamondNiteor similar test for more accurate results.

Can you set my heirloom stones in one of your settings?

We do not do custom work or set stones at this time.

Can I wear your jewelry if I have a metal allergy?

For people with metal allergies, any alloy could pose a problem. Most of our jewelry is 14k gold which is an alloy - meaning other metals are present for additional strength and to sway the color - which is standard for all jewelry.

While our yellow and rose gold do not contain nickel, the gold is processed in the same foundry as nickel so there is always a chance of trace amounts being present. Depending on your sensitivities, other metals in the alloy can cause reactions, though nickel is the most common.

Sterling silver is also an alloy so we cannot guarantee that you would not have a reaction to the additional metals used.

Some people do not have issues with 14k yellow gold, or with silver - it all depends on what you are sensitive to! Please reach out with questions. You can read more about metals here.

How much is shipping in the US?

Please see our domestic shipping costs here

We offer flat-rate shipping within the continental US: Standard Delivery - $5 (2 business days) and Next Day Delivery - $25 (1 business day). Shipping to Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico is $28.

All packages heading outside of New York state are not subject to state tax. We also offer an option to pick up items in our Brooklyn store with no extra charge, however NY tax applies. If you would like overnight shipping please email us to confirm the possibility of this. 

Do you ship internationally?

Yes - we are happy to ship internationally. Please read the details here.

Are there limits on items you can ship internationally?
Yes, due different restrictions put in place by each country's import policies, we are only able to ship jewelry internationally with some exceptions. (Most beauty, home and comestibles are blocked from international shipping options at this time).
Do you require signature on delivery?

We require signature on delivery for items over $500. If you need us to make an exception to this, please inform us in the Special Instructions section of your checkout page. We cannot waive signature for shipments valued over $1000.00

Do you offer Same Day Delivery?

This service is temporarily suspended, our apologies! We do! Same Day Delivery is available between 10am and 3pm EST Monday through Friday, excluding major holidays. Orders placed before 3pm will be delivered by 8pm. Orders placed after 3pm will be delivered following business day before 8pm. We are not able to accommodate specific delivery time requests.  Check out what's available here. Orders are delivered within three hours of your order time.  More details here.

Tell me about your packaging!

All of our jewelry comes in our signature black Catbird box. If you request gift wrapping, we add a lovely ribbon. (We also like to add in some goodies!) If you have any requests (ex: you want some rings together in a box, or the least amount of packaging, etc.) just let us know in the Special Instructions section at check out!

Can I have something rushed?

If you need something by a certain date, we will do our best to accommodate you. Some designers charge a nominal, non-negotiable fee to prioritize your order. Please contact us before placing an order that you need by a certain date. 

If I pay for Expedited shipping, will I get my item in 1-2 days?

Paying for Expedited Shipping does not guarantee that you will get your item in two days. It does, however, shorten the time your item will spend in transit. (If you live east of Ohio it is generally not worth it to pay for Expedited Shipping unless you absolutely need a guarantee of the arrival date.) Please see the item's individual page for availability or contact us and ask if it is in stock. If you need something by a certain date, please contact us and we will do our absolute best to make it so.

I missed my UPS delivery - what can I do?

UPS My Choice is a service provided by UPS which lets users decide when and where a package is delivered. 

This service includes the ability to request a delivery time, change a delivery address and hold at a UPS ‘Access Point’ or ‘Will Call’ location. This feature helps deliveries to fit your schedule. Keep in mind, packages valued over $500 require a signature. 

UPS Access Points are various locations (including lockers) that are hand-selected based on reliability, location and ease of experience.

You can use a UPS My Choice membership to redirect packages to your preferred pickup location before or after our first delivery attempt. More details here.

What does Pick-Up In Store mean? When and where can I pick up my order?

You can shop online and pick-up your order in our Bedford Avenue store and avoid shipping costs! Make sure to wait until you receive an email letting you know your order is wrapped up and ready for you. To collect your order, you will need to present a copy of your order confirmation. NY taxes will apply to your order.

If I select Pick-Up In Store, how long will you hold my order?

Orders not picked up within 60 days will be refunded and returned to stock. This applies to in-stock items only — it does not apply to any custom orders. Please contact us if you need more time.

How can I find out the status of my order?

Some items on our website may require a lead time. We generally list any wait times on the item's page. If you still have specific questions, please email us with your online Order ID# or Send Sale #.  

How do I know if something is in stock?

We do our best to ensure items on line are in stock. However, due to traffic in the store and on line, items will occasionally sell out before showing as out of stock online. We will notify you of any issues with your order as soon as possible! You can also email or call us at 718-599-3457 Mon-Fri, 10-5 ET. We are here to help!

If an item has a wait time on your website but your store has it in stock, can I call them to get it quickly?

Our store and our website operate out of two different locations, with two different inventories. At this time we are unable to take something out of our store stock and send it as an online order. (When you place an online order and select “In Store Pick up”, that order is processed and packed in our web department and then brought to the store.)

I saw something in the store and I can’t find it online, or it says it is out of stock.

Some items (not many!) are only available in our store. If it says it is out of stock please see above.

If you make all your jewelry by hand why can't I get whatever size or metal I want?

We operate at a tricky intersection of producing a lot of jewelry (high volume!) that we make ourselves by hand. In order to keep things moving so we can get orders out to people quickly and to keep our own Brooklyn store well-stocked, we have to find ways to streamline our production. When we have orders that come in that stray from our usual offerings, it actually takes WAY longer than any regular order. So while we physically CAN make anything, we often do not have the available production time or bandwidth to accommodate special requests. If we can't offer one ring in a particular size or metal, we may have an alternative style to suggest. And if time is not an issue, sometimes we can make magic happen!

Please email our incredible customer service team with any questions!

Will I have to pay sales tax on my online order?

New York Sales tax (8.875%) is applied to all orders shipped within New York State, including In-Store Pick Ups. Additionally, state sales tax may apply to your order based on local rates for your shipping location.

How long do I have to cancel an order?

If you need to cancel an order you must email us within 4 hours of when you place your order. Many pieces are custom made and once production begins on them they cannot be cancelled or returned. If you are unsure if something is a final sale, please email us.

Do you offer payment plans or financing options?

We partner with Afterpay to offer 4 easy payments on orders between $35 - $999. Find out more about paying with Afterpay here.

We also partner with Affirm to offer more traditional financing on purchases over $1000. Find out more about paying with Affirm here.

Affirm customer support: [email protected] or 855-423-3729 7am-7pm CST (seven days a week).

Do you take phone orders?

Yes! We can take your order over the phone at 718-599-2340 M-F, 10am - 5pm.

What is your online return policy?

You can find our entire return policy here. Please email us with any questions!

How do I know if something is returnable?

If you have a question as to whether your item is returnable, please email or call us. Beauty products and some custom items are final sale. Please contact us before ordering if you are unsure. 

Can I return or exchange an online order at your store?

1. If you want a refund back to your original form of payment and would like to bring your return to the store:
No problem! Orders placed on our website can be returned to the store with our return form completed and included in your package. Your return will be sent to our warehouse to processing, this make take up to 4 - 7 business days. Our store does not offer cash refunds for purchases made on the website. 

2. If you are returning a gift and would like to bring your return to the store:
No problem! Web order returns can be brought to the store for a physical Gift Card which can be used on line or in our store. 

3. If you would like to go to the store to exchange your web order for another item:
No problem! Please bring your original order confirmation with you or you can pull it up on your phone :)

Questions? Please email [email protected]!

What is your return policy for items purchased in the store?

We accept returns for exchange or store credit only (no refunds) within 10 days of original purchase, with a receipt. Beauty products and special orders are final sale.

How do I figure out my ring size?

If you do not know your ring size, we highly recommend having your finger sized by a local jeweler and asking for your US ring size. You can also use this PDF or you can order one here. If you live in the US and need a ring sizer, please email us and we will do our best to help you!

If you have ordered from us before we may have your ring size on file - please email us!


How do I figure out my ring size for first knuckle rings?

First knuckles are really tricky! A lot depends on the shape of your fingers and knuckles. Keep in mind that it is entirely dependent on the shape of your fingers and which finger you are going to wear it on. You can also use this PDFMost of our first knuckle ring styles can be returned

How do I convert my international ring size to a US size?

All of our rings are standard US sizes. If you do not know your US ring size, we recommend having your finger sized by a local jeweler and asking for your US ring size. You can also use this PDF or you can order one here.

If you have ordered from us before we may have your ring size on file - please email us!


Why don't you ever have sales?

We work diligently to keep a fair mark up on all of our items, 365 days a year. We do not ever price anything with the intention of putting it on sale. So what you get is fair and even pricing, year round. What you don't get is jacked-up prices, with a crazy sale every once in a while. (That said - we do dish out some special offers to our readers here and there so make sure to subscribe!)

Do I need an appointment to go to the Wedding Annex?

(This is in reference to our WEDDING Annex where we showcase our wedding & engagement collection. not to be confused with our WELDING Annex.)

Some days we do take walk-ins, and some days are appointment only. Read more here! We highly recommend making an appointment, even if you are just casually browsing.

What happens at the Welding Annex?

(This is in reference to our WELDING Annex.)

Catbird jewelers are on hand to weld (aka zap) a custom-fitted Forever Catbird Bracelet onto your wrist. A Forever Catbird bracelet is a classic, sparkly bracelet welded onto your wrist by a Catbird jeweler. Forever Catbird Bracelets are solid 14k gold, and suitable for constant wear. The process is 100% painless (but also 100% exciting!). If you do need to remove your jewelry for lifestyle/medical reasons, we suggest our standard bracelet styles instead of the Forever option. Should you decide to remove your Forever Catbird bracelet, a little scissor or nail clipper is all it takes!

No appointments are required (or taken), credit card payment (only) is taken prior to welding. Welding moves along quickly, but please do anticipate a short wait. See more here!
Where do you recommend we go in Williamsburg?

We created this handy list of some of our favorite spots!

How do I know which of your locations to view a specific wedding or engagement style ring?

Some items are at our Bedford Avenue store and some are only at our Wedding Annex. There may be a specific note pertaining to its location on the item page. If you're unsure and are coming to see a specific style in person, please email us!

What is your privacy policy and your terms of use?

You can read it all here. Please let us know if you have any questions.

Are your earrings sold as singles or pairs?

It varies from earring to earring but we always specify on the product page. Any earring with the word "single" in it, is, of course, sold as a single (for example: "Baby Pearl Hoop (single)". if you want a pair, select "pair" and we will send you two earrings.

To order multiple pairs of earrings sold as singles, please adjust quantities in your shopping cart. You can always leave us notes in Special Instructions at check out or contact us with any questions. 

What is the Catbird Welding Annex? What are Forever bracelets? What does getting ZAPPED mean??

The Catbird Welding Annex (not to be confused with our WEDDING Annex!) is where we custom fit and weld chains directly on to you. This means it is custom fit to your wrist, with no clasp, and should require no maintenance. It's there to sparkle & shine and make you happy! Though we like to think of Catbird Forever pieces as permanent, they can simply (but permanently) be taken off with scissors.

'ZAP' refers to the flash you see when you get a Forever Catbird Bracelet welded onto your wrist.

Where and when can I get this ZAPPING done?

We have two permanent welding locations in Brooklyn & Manhattan!

Williamsburg Welding Annex - 103 Metropolitan Ave
Open Friday through Sunday

Manhattan Welding Annex - 253 Centre Street
Open Wednesday through Sunday
(for now! hours expanding in Spring 2020)

See all location details here!
We also take our show on the road with Welding Pop Ups.

Tell me more about Welding Pop Ups!
We also have a travelling Welding Annex that will pop up here & there! As we build out our pop up schedule (it's always a work in progress!) we recommend joining our mailing list and following us on Instagram (@catbirdnyc) to find out where we are going next!

Do I need to make an appointment?

No! All of our welding locations & pop ups are first come first serve.

Does it hurt?

Not at all! Despite the flash, getting zapped does not mean physically zapped :) We would never do that to you! It’s just a little thrill. :)

What is the wait like?

Zapping is quick!! If you are visiting us at either our Brooklyn or Manhattan locations, you should expect nothing more than a short wait. Unfortunately it is hard for us to predict the wait time at Welding Pop Ups as it totally depends on demand! We really appreciate everyone's patience during pop ups since we are only in one place for a short period of time, and have two machines that we travel with.

What if I need to remove the bracelet? Can I get it re-zapped on later?

Yes! If you need to remove the bracelet for any reason, we recommend carefully cutting it (ideally at the small ring that connects the two ends of the chain, to maintain the integrity of the chain) with scissors, and if you wish to get it welded back on at a later date we can certainly do that for a small welding fee ($10 + tax)!

Will this give me problems going through the airport?

Nope! We have travelled far and wide with our Forever bracelets and have never had a problem. Generally, delicate jewelry never needs to be removed when going through airport security.

Will you ever make Forever bracelets in silver?

Sadly no! Silver is far less durable than gold, and will not stand the test of time that we expect of our Forever bracelets. We do offer our Forever Diamond Pinprick Bracelet in white gold for all of the silver fans out there!

What about Forever anklets or necklaces?

After some rigorous testing, we have decided that necklaces, chokers, and anklets are not a great option for welding, and we only want to offer you that which will truly wear wonderfully!

I have a clasped version of one of the Forever bracelets, can I bring it in to get zapped on?

If you have a clasped version and want to exchange it for a Forever bracelet at one of our Welding locations, we would love to make that happen! Please email our customer service team.

Can I buy a Forever Bracelet for someone as a gift?

Why yes you can! We now offer Welding Gift Certificates.