Welding FAQs

You can find tons more info on welding here, but below are the most frequently asked questions!
Still have a welding question? Please email [email protected]

  • I bought a clasped bracelet - can I get it welded?

    Yes! Please make an appointment, bring it with you and we will weld it on, no charge!

  • My bracelet broke or stretched - can I get it rewelded?

    Yes! Please bring it with you. There may be a $10 charge.

  • I’d like to switch wrists, or I cut mine off - can I get it rewelded?

    Yes! Please make an appointment and bring it with you - there will be a $10 charge (subject to change).

  • I'm coming with friends, can we get zapped together? 

    While we love friendship bracelets, each person needs a separate appointment due to Covid regulations. Please book one appointment per person so we can accomodate everyone safely! If you are not able to, please email [email protected].

  • Can I have an anklet welded on?

    Sadly, anklets tend to get caught frequently and stretch out or fall off, and it doesn't align with our goal to make jewelry that lasts a very long time. (We've tried!)

  • Can I use my birthday discount?

    Yes, absolutely! Just bring your code in and we will honor it. Same rules apply.

  • Do I pay in advance? Do I choose my bracelet in advance?

    Nope. When you come in you can choose your style. Payment is taken then as well -  credit card only.

    If you'd like to spend some time thinking in advance about what you might want, the styles available are:

    Forever Sweet Nothing Bracelet, $94 
    Forever Tinsel Bracelet, $118
    Forever 1976 Bracelet, $134 
    Forever Tiny Corsage Bracelet, $220
    Forever Diamond Pinprick Bracelet, $334

    Styles are subject to availability, but we usually have good stock!  

  • Will you be having more welding events in places other than Soho?

    Currently we are only planning on welding in our Soho store since it is so spacious and allows for safe social distancing.

  • How do I book an appointment?

    Please find the link here. If there are no appointments available then we have not opened up new welding spots just yet. Stay tuned!

  • How do I book an appointment further into the future then what I see available?

    The dates shown here are the only ones available to book at any given time. Unfortunately due to Covid, we are not able to open up dates further in advance.

    Please be sure you are signed up for mailers, keep an eye on this page, and on Instagram to know when new dates open up!
  • What styles can I get welded?

    Forever Sweet Nothing Bracelet, $94 
    Forever Tinsel Bracelet, $118
    Forever 1976 Bracelet, $134 
    Forever Tiny Corsage Bracelet, $220
    Forever Diamond Pinprick Bracelet, $334

    Styles are subject to availability, but we usually have good stock!